The star of Romance to wish for on your Wedding Day.

The Peach Blossom (桃花)star, in the range of auxillary energies found in the systems of Bazi and Date Selection practices, is a broad description of stars that bring about relationships, nostalgia, love, romance, emotions, impulse, connection and mutual attraction. It is the Chinese Cupid if you like a comparison, just that its roles are much more diverse.

The Peach Blossom star however, can work both ways. It can turn out to be a blessing towards a meaningful relationship as much as it can result in an encounter you wish you had not started. Before you jump into every opportunity, try and understand the effects of what each brings and the consequences it carries.

The family of the Peach Blossom stars include the Red Matchmaker, the Moon Star, the Salty Pool Star and of course, the Sky Happiness.

In Date Selection, the Sky Happiness is the one star that accompanies the Success Day to bring about the best for matrimonial matters. These days are specially picked and rank first by consultants to fit into solemnization and registration of marriage as well as the traditional tea ceremony.

It is said that the presence of the Sky Happiness Star is one which gathers people around and calls for every celebration. This is essentially a powerful source of happiness and laughter which attracts others to participate. People who has this or are touched upon by this star are exceptionally articulate and creative in fun and activities. It cuts across all ages, sex and cultures, and is both exuberant and demonstrative.

Most importantly, this star is seen as a blessing of matrimonial union, love, mutual respect, trust, faith and understanding between husband and wife.

In the coming year 2022, there are only twenty such dates. Some knowledge and techniqes are required for those who wish to have their wedding dates matched to their Destiny Charts (BaZi) and this list is for your general reference and plans for possible dates to hold your big day. Please consult your respective consultants if you need a detailed match.

The BAZI chart of each year offers us the wisdom on what each coming year will touch upon our lives. I am not talking about how the Tiger year in 2022 will bring you luck or possible setbacks. What I am referring to is the characteristics of the pairing of the year's elements and their unique behaviour that is consistent to the study of destiny analysis.

The way a BAZI chart is constructed is by erecting the pairing of the year, month, day and hour of the start of the year itself. In the case of the coming Year of the Water Tiger(壬寅), this pairing of the Yang Water over Yang Wood offers us an image of what the external factors which governs the nature of that year and its impact on us all.

Just like the Year of the Metal Ox (辛丑)in 2021, I had emphasised on the world going through repetition, which is the character of the Yin Earth in the Metal Ox year and so, with the pandemic raging all around the world, we will continue to look at cycles of infections, control measures and short recovery, only to fall back to an infectious state again. The Metal element, on the other hand, is indicative of small arms and physical harm to human lives. Even in Singapore, where safety is taken for granted, an innocent life was taken in an axe incident in the supposed safest of all environment, a school. What about this thing relating to the clashes between a certain said zodiac and soem with certain signs in their own charts ? Some research was done on the Chinese New Year car crash that took five young lives and I found that all five in effect had some form of a clash relationship in their respective charts. On a positive note, we can hope that there will come a breakthrough in research for a common cure by year's end, because the Metal element hidden in the ground shows itself only after trials and much drama.

Moving ahead, the Year of the Water Tiger will officially arrive at around 4.55 in the morning hours of 4th February 2022 thus yielding us the chart as shown here.

In colour codings, you will notice the dominant element is Wood (green) which is also tagged at 7K (Seven Killings Star) a prevailing energy that can best be described as conflicting, violent, competitive and careless. Conversely, it can also be said that the world will go through a period of development, learning and compassion as exhibited by the Yang Wood element.

The next prominent element is Water, the Yang Water representing huge amount and evident exixtence. Yang Water can be described as the water in the oceans, active water in huge rivers and raging waves. Water is wealth and this could lead to a state of greed and exploitation of financial returns over common goals.

This pairing of the Yang Water over the Yang Wood as seen in the year pillar is an image of huge wooden structures or tree over an axpanse of water. There can be two scenarios. If the water is calm in nature, the result is a sentimental reflection of a peaceful tree reflecting upon a clear state of calm. If the water is violent, the wood will float in all directions that the water bring them, usually without destinations and come into devastation when met with shore or the element Earth.

Yang Earth is rooted and hidden which is symbolic of 'Friends' in this chart. It says alot about common ideals and goals bound together in trust. However, being hidden means a lack of expressions. Here, cooperation is willing but the efforts and trust are lacking. Leadership is missing and it takes a whole year before one emerges with strong convictions to lead the world out of this pandemic. Earth is weak in the season and thus, banding together will not be common occurences.

The missing element is Metal which is the vital link to results. Without Metal, there is no control, nor is there order, systems, sequence, discipline and methodologies. Results in the year are pale in comparisons.

As we move into 2022, the state of preparedness includes being alert and nimble. It is not expected to be an easy year but it does come with its opportunities. As long as you remain open, there are plenty of financial benefits left untapped. A certain amount of calculated risks and bravery favour the successful ones. Be careful when it comes to collaboration and invitations in partnerships as there are still remnants of those who are so good at convincing you to part with your money.

Much have been said and described of what a BaZi or Destiny Analysis is and can do for you. To start with, why would one be interested to understand one's own life path when he or she is actually living it ?

The truth lies in our quest for answers as to what the future holds for us and hope that this knowledge will be useful to forge a better life for ourselves.

While it takes all sorts to make up this world, there is no one who would be sure enough what tomorrow brings. This uncertaintity leads us to all channels of forecasts and predictions and the focus is always about ME.

One of the most important features of a BaZi analysis is to separate the distinct diffrence between one's character and his or her personality. This recognition will make one understand what one's character brings, why he or she behaves the way they often do which eventually lead to the same resultant. In short, a person's character allows the individual to live out his or her comfort zone which is

very often repaeted, stretched and abused.

How would I describe a person living up to his or her character ?

Four words. "I am like that".

When a person is adamant to live life according to his or her rules only, they will never change, not the rules, not the attitude, not the conditions, not anyone's influence and definitely not the result.

BaZi offers this unique opportunity to look deep into one's character, the good and more imprtantly, the bad aspects. Most people would often say - "No one understands my character better than mysef". The reality is, people only know their good things about themselves and conveniently overlook the bad.

It takes a third party with non-vested interests to point out to you what your flaws are, where you've gone wrong, why you're repeating your mistakes and most importantly, how you can change all that.

Change is a big word and it's easier said than done.

Why should one change when I do not know what's in it for me ? Changes are uncomfortable, disruptive and takes efforts.

As a consultant, this is my job. Make you understand your character and offer you ways and opportunities to change, from bad to good, from negative to positive and from failure to success. I also need to categorise the advantages of You changing from a character into another persona.

Once you adopt the necessary changes, your Character will adapt to a new Personality. With clearly defined benefits and purpose in life.

More than this, a BaZi analysis will layer across many aspects of your life and allows one to comprehend matters relating to work attitudes, relationship matters, health concerns, family ties, outlook in life and the timeliness of all things in this journey with your loved ones.

Read more about what you may get out of a BaZi session. Go on, write your own story.

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