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'Death and Emptiness' Lines in Feng Shui

Does it mean one will encounter paranormal activities when one's home is facing these directions ?

Death and Emptiness (DE) lines fall along the main axis of absolute North (0 degree), South (180 degrees), East (90 degrees) and West (270 degrees), Northeast (45 degrees), Southeast (135 degrees), Southwest (225 degrees) and Northwest (315 degrees) directions.

Because the Feng Shui division of sectors are equally distributed, lines that fall absolutely between the sub-sectors are also considered minor DE lines. For example the line separating South and Southwest. See the 24 Mountains Compass here.

The assumption is that we are able to ascertain that certain properties are built upon such orientations. The truth is, many places of worship are deliberately built upon this condition to fulfill their 'spaces' between worshipers and the spiritual dimension and to demonstrate their resilience towards the crossing between Yin and Yang in the human world.

What is Death and Emptiness ? It is a state of void and a condition when energies entering a premise are confused and erratic. Think of this as a situation of being 'lost in space' when you get 'teleported' into another level.

After all, Feng Shui is about identifying and bringing the benefits of positive energies into a space or property for the interaction with its occupants. It is thus observed that such homes or offices affected by the DE lines are subject to poor health, financial issues, disharmony and disorientation. In extreme cases, occupants are believed to be prone to disillusion, hallucination and may encounter 'ghostly sightings'.

In 'Xuan Kong Da Gua' studies, the script describes DE lines as the inability to decipher the main carriage of energies specific and unique to each of the sectors (Gua) within the 24 mountains of the compass.

无中中藏有,空者实不空。 识得此中秘,天下任横行。 该正用兼线,房份必不均。 该兼用正线,家中难安平。

The quick-fix and fondly adopted solution is to tilt one's entrance and main door.

However, we must not forget that the human factor of our mind, soul, senses, faith and belief systems cannot be underestimated in our approach towards things paranormal. The fact is, there are different dimensions in one single space. These dimensions run parallel within a single given space. As long as we remain in our own dimension, our paths shall not cross. Just as there are conditions to fulfill when we wish for positive energies to our benefit, it is not every home, office and space that will immediately start experiencing 'strange things', bad health, poor financial situations and divorces when sitting on the DE lines.

One must observe its potential problems DE lines can bring but we should not fuel the psychology of those who succumb to fear and assumptions easily.


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