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The winter solstice and the God of Wealth

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

What has the Winter Solstice got to do with the God of Wealth ?

The coming Year of the Water Rabbit holds several significance.

First, the Rabbit Year which happens on 4th February 2023 comes after the Lunar New Year which falls on 22nd January 2023.

This creates two opportunities for us to invite the God of Wealth and make our wishes for the new year.

However, do you know that the Winter Solstice which falls on 22nd December 2022 hold much significance and was once celebrated as the 'new year' ? Such is the emphasis, that till this day, many cultures from around the world will observe the Winter Solstice as a day of appreciation, thanks giving and filial piety.

More importantly, because it is observed as the day with the shortest daylight of the year, our connection with the energies with the heavens become most significant. As such, it is

also a very significant day to 'invite the God of Wealth' into your life ahead of the new year.

On 22nd December 2022 at 30 minutes past midnight (of 21st December), face the Southwest from inside your home. Turn on the lights in your house, open up the windows and should you see a bright star in that direction, you are connected to the God of Wealth. Make your wishes.

There will be two other occasions that are connected to this invitation, one being 22nd January 2023 and the other on 4th February 2023.


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