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The way this game was made and the way that everything was made was the best. I hate, hate, HATE the voice acting. Fuck your train wreck of a story, you made me think that were actually going to see a movie on our television... but not because of a good game, a good art piece, a good story, but because the guy who made it thought it was a good idea. I just hope that when people do a good game with a good story and good voice acting, we do NOT have to have a guy like me tell them that it is. If you want to feel better about yourself, just play a game that has no bugs and no glitches and no voices that you have to listen to. If it doesn't sound like real people, then don't complain... you should be happy that this game is better than real life! It's not how the game was made that has anything to do with it's quality. If you make a horrible game, you make a horrible game. It's not the developers fault that he wants to make a good game. I can understand you frustration, but it was the best of what it could be, and that's that. I'll agree that I wish we had a full orchestral score and a better dialog, but when I try to compare that with other games I play that aren't that good I just can't make the case that this game would've been any better. He's not stating that the game is bad because of it, he's saying that the way it was developed isn't the way it should have been. This is true, but not entirely. He never said it was "a bad game." Instead, he said it "should be better." And that it "should be better" because it was developed with the things he complains about in mind. Now, does that mean that he's right? I don't know. All I know is that a game that feels like it's made with the things he complains about in mind is, in fact, better than one that doesn't. And that's all he's claiming here. Agreed. I wish that the game were better, but saying that this game is "a bad game" is not very nice. (and I'm perfectly fine with the game being mediocre.) Quote: Originally Posted by homestick



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