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Commercial Feng Shui

Commercial spaces, retail units, office buildings and even your own office room or cubicle will go through spates of cyclical energy patterns.


One way to circumvent this is to choose a particular location within your office, or if you are already in that spot, to identify, mitigate any flaws and enhance the existing high points in that office.


An individual office Feng Shui advisory relates to your personal productivity and harmony in your area of work. It can enable you to be more efficient and deliver effective results at reliable speed. Done well, it also creates resources for you to tap so that you do less for more. 


For the bigger picture, an overall Feng Shui for the entire office will include an analysis of the building's external factors, its door location, the placement of its company's logo and signage, vital positioning for management team's work spaces. More critically, key personnel such as the head or the company, its directors, sales functions, finance, production, chain supply and whatever is primary to its business will be put on top priority.


Recommendations will be made to positioning, fittings, human flow and the effective use of existing sources of elements without interfering into the overall design, look and feel of the office.


Retail spaces are looked upon with a different angle, predominantly, the ability to attract and retain footfall to the unit. Once again, the human flow within a retail space or restaurant hinges on the visiting experience and the ability to convert that into a buying situation. Locating the cashier and connecting the kitchen or store area becomes a vital factor.


As in our practice, auspicious date selection will be provided for various aspects of moving in, official openings, rebooting the Feng Shui energies and the adjustments, addition or removal of furniture and fittings within that space.

For larger sizes and buildings, do contact me for a quote.

Office Desk Window


Individual Room within an Office



Cafe Interior


Up to 500 sqft



Urban Modern Interior Design


Up to 1,000 sqft



Corporate Feng Shui Presentations

Seminars, Events and Features


Style and Articulation

Not all Feng Shui consultants are speakers. Presenting an age-old concept requires a special skill. Besides Ken's professional articulation of the content in English, his stage presence and audience interaction holds the key.


Professional and Engaging Presentations

The audience attention span of between 40 and 60 minutes must be rewarded with professional graphics and slides. Engagement comes from value-added information, not magic tricks on stage.


Facts and Figures

Feng Shui topics require facts and figures to substantiate claims and predictions. More importantly, there must be substantial research and field examples. Presenting real-life cases add depth and credibility for the audience.


Alignment to Industry and Topics

Presentations and topics are customised to be aligned to the client's industry and topics of interest. Sensitive issues and areas are also avoided so as to put the client in the best light possible while still maintaining the integrity of the content delivery.

Corporate Engagements Portfolio

Corporate Clientle

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