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Feng Shui Talks by Master Ken Koh

Master Ken Koh(高宗凌) is one of the region’s most prominent practitioners in Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis and Professional Date Selection services. 

Since 1997, Master Koh has been focused on the unenviable task of bridging the English-speaking community with the classical Chinese art of Metaphysics by connecting via talks, media and personal coaching


Numerous press coverage between 2000 and 2002 included The New Paper, LIAN HE WAN BAO and Channel U. In 2010, Nippon TV from Japan included an interview with Master Koh on the subject of ‘Feng Shui in Singapore’ which was beamed to primetime viewers in Japan and translated for worldwide release.

This was followed by radio interviews by Flight FM and a TV appearance on Canterbury TV of New Zealand in 2011. Following in November that year, Ken was accredited the Master title by the International Feng Shui Association.

In between personal consultations and coaching, Ken has been receiving active invitations by corporations to talks and dialogues. An articulate speaker, his deliverance is often peppered with personal experiences and stories from his professional consultations. His contributions to other media such as Property Guru, iProperty, Jobs DB, Female and the Resorts World newsletter are widely read.

Get in touch with Master Ken Koh for a Speaking Engagement

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A good Feng Shui presentation functions in many ways. It could be a feature to your annual dinner and function. Perhaps you are launching a new product or a new property you are promoting. Maybe it is an appreciation event for your clients.

An interesting Feng Shui segment always lights up the atmosphere. Well, perhaps on condition that the speaker is experienced to engage, is eloquent, witty enough, stay clear of controversies, does not impose on his/her audience, present facts in a fun way and not rely on stale jokes on stage.

Not all Feng Shui consultants are speakers. Presenting an age-old concept requires a special skill. Besides his articulation, his stage presence and audience interaction holds the key.

Feng Shui requires facts and figures. More importantly, there must be substantial research and field examples.

Presenting real-life cases add depth and credibility for the audience.

The audience attention span of between

40 and 60 minutes must be rewarded

with professional graphics and slides.

Engagement comes from value-added

information, not magic tricks on stage.

The value of a presentation depends on how much the audience takes away

from it. Over and above the zodiac

predictions are auspicious dates, free

tools to use, DIY applications and more.

Topics of Interest in Talks

12 Zodiac

This is technically the Earthly

Branches of a person’s life. It

tells the year he/she is born and how it is being affected each passing year.

Yearly Outlook

Talks about what the year

brings, the prospects, the

threats, health matters,

relationships and financial


9 Flying Stars

The personal stars in a chart

tells us a lot about what a

person can expect out of a

year. Conversely, the 9 stars in a property can tell us likewise.

Feng Shui Tools

To effectively personalize a

presentation for participants, a presenter should have a BaZi as well as a Feng Shui tool for easy inputs.

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