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A Sneak into the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.

It's out. The Chinese Almanac for the Year of the Ox that is.

The first six pages will be all that is needed for anyone to tell what lies ahead in the coming year. While some may argue that it may be too early to start preparing, two things stand out this year that say we will need a lot more information to handle what's to come when 2021 turns the corner.

First, consider that the preceding years of the Ox has been anything but exciting or promising. In fact, if you look back at the past Ox years, they have been dominantly lethargic in terms of results.

Next, everything, including the forecasting in Feng Shui and evrything metaphysics, have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has become more critical than ever to at least be indicative of what is to come so that we are all prepared with ceratin level of informed choices.

The page that contains the vital knowledge is found in this page that reflects the zodiac signs corresponding with the energies attached to each. The important factor to consider is that this does not just touch on a person's year of birth. The effects of these energies, also known as the annual 'God and Killings' (流年神煞)can correspondingly bring about the same effects if that zodiac is found in the month, day or hour of birth. The resultant affects you in different ways of life. To find out if you have different zodiac representation in your personal chart, plot it in

At a glance, the following is a broad summary of what is to be expected. More in depth analysis will come as we progress along.

Rat - Least resistance accompanied with Noblemen.

Ox - Psychological barrier to oneself, must overcome one's self doubts.

Tiger - Looking great but great things happen only when you work on them.

Rabbit - No positive stars but can turn obstacles into opportunities.

Dragon - Great for ladies, not for the men.

Snake - Cooperation is highlight for you but results remain contradicting.

Horse - Good start, poor finish. Beware of the romance trap.

Goat - Control your finances, problem solving is a recurring headache.

Monkey - Great year if you don't get carried away. Practise empathy.

Rooster - Control in your hands but insecurity affects you easily.

Dog - Lucky year but will be slandered and accused by jealous people.

Pig - As long as you keep moving, your mind will work in your favour.


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