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Day 9 of the Chinese New Year.

Offerings to the Jade Emperor.

The 9th day of Chinese New Year, effectively from 11.00 pm of 8th February, is dedicated to the Jade Emperor. It is also known as Heaven's birthday.

This is the day most ethnic Hokkiens, people living in the Fujian province, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, pay respects, offer gratitude and pray for another year of safety, protection and good fortune.

Revered as the Supreme Deity, the Jade Emperor governs over the universe, the three realms, ten directions, four life forms and the six paths.

The 9th day of the first lunar month is also symbolic of the ultimate Yang day during which the Jade Emperor takes the responsibilities of saving lives and protecting people from crisis and disasters.

The sequence towards the worship of the Jade Emperor is as follows:

  1. Clean and dress up

  2. Turn on the lights in the front of the house especially the living room area

  3. Set up an offering table

  4. Wait till 11.00pm on the night of 17th February 2024 and start praying

On the table of offerings shall be filled with:

  1. 3 cups of wine

  2. a pair of sugarcane complete with leaves on the side

  3. 12 red-colored eggs

  4. offering of gold and silver to offer the Jade Emperor

  5. new year cakes(年糕) and the (红龟糕)

  6. Bunch of bananas

  7. a pineapple with the crown

  8. mandarin oranges

  9. pears

  10. pomelo

  11. 3 meat comprising fish, pork and chicken

  12. longevity noodles(面线)

  13. peanuts, peanut candies and sweets

  14. 12 stalks of fresh flowers

We wish you much blessings and good tidings on this auspicious Day of the Jade Emperor.


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