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Grand duke (tai sui) in 2023

It has become a ritual for many to find out who is 'affected' by the each new year's energies. There are primarily a few zodiac in this system who will be 'affected' and this is largely by way of the interaction between each zodiac towards the current year.

For example, 2023 brings the Year of the Water Rabbit and by way of this presence, five zodiac will get into a 'relationship' with the Rabbit which is basically a visitor for the new year until the next one take over. 2024 will bring about the Wood Dragon and will affect others in return.

The comon misconception of being affected by the ruling year, also known as the Grand Duke or Tai-Sui, is one that brings misfortunes and generally bad luck.

This is not true. The technicalities and truth behind this relationships lie in the way the Rabbit year react with each and can bring about very different outcome, not neccessarily all bad. The commonality here is, those affcted can expect changes.

The Rabbit governs 2023 and shall hold office as the Grand Duke aka Tai-Sui until the Year of the Dragon arrives in 2024, exerting influences on the rest in the zodiac system.

Rabbits are said to ‘offend Tai-Sui’ bringing about obstacles, challenges and exposures that lead to insecurities and indecision.

Roosters ‘clash against Tai-Sui’ in a direct conflict. It carries emotional pain, changes involving a financial position, business rivalry and in serious cases, litigation. This results in chasing after figures and financial returns.

The Rabbit asserts a ‘Harm’ against the Dragon, causing hurt and disruptions. This also creates an image of a disruptor to the Dragons.

A ‘Destruction’ path between the Rabbit and the Horse results in a sudden closure. An overwhelming sense of overconfidence and carelessness can lead to serious mistakes and financial ruins.

Rats must be extra careful with relationships as the year brings about an ‘uncivilized punishment’. When unchallenged or unquestioned, Rats may take chances with emboldened advances with the opposite sex.


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