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The God of Wealth is personified in many ways, in the movies, shopping malls and about anywhere where the Chinese community congregates especially during the Lunar New Year which falls on 1st February 2022.

Depicted often as a jolly mythological figure and worshipped in Chinese folklore and cultures, he is the Chinese version of Santa Claus. Nevertheless, the God of Wealth is welcomed in many festivities and celebrations. He is said to be endowed with the powers of presenting one with fortune, good health and success and about anything you desire.

He goes around distributing sweets and treats to delight children while adults belive that an occasional or an accidental meeting with the God of Wealth is a sure sign of good fortune to follow.

In practice and reality, the God of Wealth is the personification of a star of the day. In the Chinese calendar system, the energies of each day is connected to a presence in a two-hourly division. While it normally takes an auspicious day to qualify for positive stars to appear, the Lunar New Year has its exceptions.

And so, it becomes a practice for Chinese around the world, and what is stopping anyone anywhere around the world from benefitting from some positive energies, with an interesting and cultural connection like this ?

While some will prepare elaborate prayers, there is absolutely no need for any religious affiliation to this participation.

However, it may be common sense that given the midnight hour, one will have to light up the house and throw open the doors and windows. Clean up your home, position a chair or a stool, sip on some wine (it's nice to offer a glass to the God of Wealth, of course), observe the stars in their directions and make your wishes.


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