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It's here ! The Year of the Metal Ox.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

3rd February 2021 at 11.00PM marks the start of the Year of the Metal Ox. The Lunar New Year shall take place on 12th February.

First stop. The day before any 24 divisions of the solar calendar is classified as a 'Day of Extinction'. 3rd February being the Arrival of Spring, forms one of these 24 divisions. Transitional energies take place and the day before it, 2nd February 2021, falls to its lowest when it comes to Yang energies. Simply put, this puts 2nd February, which also marks the end of winter, an inauspicious day to carry out major activities, all throughout the good part of the day of 3rd February. Avoid important activities such as renovations, commitments, official openings and start of any milestones in life.

Next, what do people do when it comes to the beginning of the new year ?

Hopes, wishes and prayers. There are good reasons to celebrate and it is an appropriate time, as in any culture and practice, to renew our motivation to create a better life for everyone. It is therefore a day to head to your respective places of worship asking for pardons and prayers. It's a great day to reflect, meditate and forgive.

In light of what we are currently going through, there is also a need to know what the next twelve months will bring us. This will sharpen our vision and create better decision making processes for us to improve our lives.

Because it is a year of the Metal Ox, the buzzword is Repetition. It means that what has taken place in year 2020 may happen again in 2021, perhaps in different modes, styles and impact. Repetition also leads to Discovery and by this, vacicnes could dramatically improve on their efficacies.

Be ready to take on the Year of the Metal Ox with confidence and optimism. If you can, do all it takes to achieve as much as possible in the first half year. There is a chance that restrictions can be repeated by June or July if numbers of control are not achieved. Personally, all must be prepared with contingencies of up to six times equivalent of our monthly expenditures and requirements. Stay safe, do not be complacent, practise hygiene, follow the rules and hopefully, we will be travelling again by Christmas.


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