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Raising the bar on Feng Shui Talks

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Going on stage can be a harrowing experience. Ask around and you will know that even the most experienced presenter can get the jitters, What more when one has to present a #FengShuiTalk.

In case you think it half the battle won after being handed the microphone and a podium, you cannot be more wrong because the real test has just begun.

Stage presence and experience aside, the audience can be unforgiving if one delivers something that they find boring, monotonous and of little value. The one-trick-pony who does not update and change his contents and style of delivery will lose his right to go on stage.

It is therefore the full responsibility of the invited speaker to prepare and take each and every event seriously without sacrificing the entertainment value.

What is it that one should expect as an audience ? How will you decide who to put on stage if you are responsible for picking a right one ? This article hopefully will shed some light.

House Of Feng Shui offers talks and presentations cut to your requirements and requests. We are experienced and handle up to an audience size of 1,500 participants. With a wide range of subjects that are relevant across most ages and profiles, we will add value and feature well to deliver your message and contents in a lively and enjoyable style.

Have a look at some of my past events and give me a call at 90181908 or email at for collaborations on talks, presentations, interviews, articles and comments.


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