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The 10th Day of Chinese New Year.

The day the stones will be left unturned.

The tenth day of the first lunar month is the day of the Earth Sun. It falls on 19th February 2024 Tuesday and coincides with the Day of the Rain Water.

Legend has it that this is Stone's birthday. On this day, all stone tools such as grinding and milling are not allowed to be moved, and even stones are set up as sacrifices for fear of damaging the crops. In today's context, groundbreaking is absolutely inauspicious.

The earth and the sun are also called "the stone cannot move" and "the ten cannot move". It is a custom that on this day, every family pays tribute to stones and burns incense.

You must eat steamed buns for lunch. It is believed that eating buns will bring you good fortune within a year. There is an act of carrying stone gods.

On the night of the ninth day of the lunar month, people freeze an earthen jar on a large smooth stone. On the morning of the tenth day of the lunar month, a rope was tied to the nose of the jar, and ten young men took turns carrying the jar away. If the stone does not fall to the ground, it indicates a good harvest that year.

In another legend, Rats are considered harmful and inauspicious. They must be 'married off' to ensure a year of peace and prosperity. So, on the tenth day of the lunar month, in many places, lamps, incense and paper tributes are lit in corners of rooms, wall corners and water urns to congratulate mice for their marriage. Disturbing the peace of the Rats on this day will surely bring misfortunes.


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