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The Lions are roaring again

After a two year hiatus, the moves are back big time.

Lions dances are part of the Chinese New Year celabrations and traditions.

In the past, they serve as the symbolic ceremony to frighten away the 'beasts' of the past year so as to drive out the misfortunes and allow the new energies to bless us all over again.

Together with drums, cymbals and gongs, they create a perfect cheorography of steps and moves to usher in the new year with style and entertainment.

Lions here belong to the class of Southern Lions which is synonymous with the pugilistic world especially in the Guandong province and made famous by a legendary gongfu master, Wong Fei-Hung.

Today, the lion dances are invited to homes and offices to rouse up the positive vibes of the new year, all in hope of good fortune and prosperity.

Enjoy this clip taken live from an event in which I gave a Feng Shui presentation on the forecast for the Year of the Water Rabbit. The pulse and vibrations from the drums can only be experienced when one is there and then. When enjoying the live lion dances, go up close and personal.


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