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2019 Annular Solar Eclipse.

When Yin covers Yang.

26 December 2019 comes with the rare annular eclipse, when the Moon happens to come in the visual way of the Sun thereby creating a lapse of sunlight, also known as the 'Ring of Fire'.

While many are anticipating to catch this rare phenomenon because the next time this alignment comes around shall be the year 2063. It can indeed create a spectacle and moments of darkness experienced in daylight.

As uncommen as it gets, this occurence is labelled as the 'Sky Dog Swallowing the Sun' (天狗食日)not for nothing.

Between the polarities. the Moon representing the ultimate YIN energies eclipses or covers up the ultimate YANG energies as the Sun indisputably stands for. This monumental period means that the Earth where we stand is depleted of the YANG energies vital for life.

As such, exposure to the annular eclipse, or for that matter any aclipse, is viewed as inauspicious. Unlike the full moon appearance which happens every month, this event is seen to create an imbalance and possible confusion in the chronolgy of time.

Think of this as cutting off air supply when underwater, darkness when it is meant to be a brigh sun-shining day or an undersupply of water in times of a drought. While these remain dramatic analogies, there are also scientific proof that careless direct visual sight of the annular eclipse may lead to eye damage.

All said, it is advised that one should avoid viewing the eclipse without proper guidance and eye protection. In fact, for matters of avoiding being exposed to this imbalance of the YIN and YANG energies, I choose to stay indoors.

It is 1.15 pm in the afternoon in Singapore (+8 hours GMT) with a darkened sky outdoors. Even the birds have gone into hiding, my dogs are in slumber (yes, although they often do) and I notice an unusual quiet in the often bustling neighbourhood.

Call it superstition but I would rather stay clear.

Happy Boxing Day.


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