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2020 - Opportunity to turn in years of Success.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

There are 3 reasons why tomorrow, 1 January 2020, is a timely reminder for us all to breakthrough whatever we aspire for the future, short term and long.

First, it is the start of a new decade which will end in ten years in 2029. Second, 2020 marks the Year of the Rat, a recognizable start to the new cycle in the Chinese zodiac system. And finally, in three years' time, we embark onto a new twenty-year-cycle of the Period 9.

All these offer us the vision of a new future and a chance for us to think, design and plan for our very own path. Amidst the merrymaking, many of us will be marking the new year with resolutions that usually fizzle off by the first quarter of the year.

The Year of the Metal Rat in 2020 also throws light into what may be forthcoming for us to leverage. Let's understand this from the fact that the Rat years have been proven to be peppered with economic slowdowns and with them, opportunities to turn them into quick turnarounds with massive results.

In Chinese astrology, we throwback the last Rat year in 2008. The biggest debacle was the Lehman Brothers' meltdown. That issue was in fact triggered on 15 September 2007, the previous year. The subprime disaster was then bailed out by the intervention of governments and central banks around the world. Recovery was swift and in eighteen months, economies around the world was humming at a pace never seen before.

2020 is a very different specie. In line with the impending Period 9 which officially arrives in 2024, technology and artificial intelligence penetrate into every aspect of our lives. It is a world of data science, analytics, 5G speed, online battles, user experiences, robotics, augmented reality, regenerative medicine, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, quantum computing, a sharing economy and more.

Due to the speed of technology, the human mind will lag if we do not get into the realms of the future. As it happens today, technology has changed the way we live and more will be introduced that will affect our behavior, social interaction, culture, thoughts and psychology.

Payments, banking, shopping, entertainment and many of our daily activities have already merged online.

Without a personal identity or presence online, life will not be functioning at its optimal level. Sure, technology, just like many things in life can be double-edged. But that's the way the world is moving and it will be foolish to swim against this tidal wave. While we need to be cautious about the exposures on the internet world, we need first to embrace technology.

Our online presence can be represented in many levels. It can be as simple as an account on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Or it could be a more pervasive presence with a commercial website to represent our personal interest and enterprise.

If one can agree that an online presence is important to secure our future and create a personal presence, then our existence and success are linked, not in full, to the virtual world of the internet.

As many would already have. How then does one stand out from the rest, not just for the sake of being different ? What can one do to leverage on technology to succeed ?

Finding friends, creating an interest group, starting a small online business, funding a cause, looking for a job, searching for relationships, trawling for information and making your voice heard. Most activities are linked online and if we know how, then, we will Do Less for More.

The common mistake of people claiming to be 'live' online by virtue of a media presence and a website often drives them to near non-existence.

Small and medium size enterprises believe that having a live website will draw business to them while they are sleeping. The reality is, having a website is only a presence like inactive volcanoes. Can we see them ? Yes, only if we have that momentary need. See one and you've seen it all. What is the spectacle ? The volcanoes spewing out the smoke and fire. That is contents.

For this new year: Update your contents. Upgrade your personal development. Innovate your creativity. That would be about the best resolutions you can make.

I wish you mush success and happiness in your pursuits.

Happy New Year to All.


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