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Auspicious Start Work Dates after the Lunar New Year 2020

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

A traditional but no less significant practice among Chinese around the world centers around the choice of dates and time to start work after the long and well deserved break in the Chinese calendar. This also serve for our own holiday plans.

The Lunar New Year (called the Chinese New Year) which falls on 25 January 2020 technically is still in the Year of the Earth Pig because the Year of the Metal Rat arrives on the Day of Spring (4 February 2020 at around 5.05 pm).

This points to an important factor in the choice of auspicious dates to start work during this period. It disqualifies 27 January 2020 as auspicious because this day is a Earth Snake Day which makes it a Year Breaker Day, an absolute No for major events.

While some may differ, this tradition is carried with levels of seriousness within the Chinese communities.

The reason and symbolism attached to the choice to start work on an auspicious date is so that the person, business or entity doing so captures the essence of the day connected to that same person or business. It is an opportunity to start the year (Lunar Calendar based) with optimism, fresh hopes, renewed connecting energies, harmony and promises of abundance.

While much is spoken of the choice of dates, little is said of what is to be done.

For individuals and employees, choose a date listed in here and avoid the clashes against your own zodiac. To find out, go to plot your own chart and you see if you have the clash in the Year | Month | Day weighted in that sequence.

For individuals and employees, step into the office at that given date and time. Settle in your desk or office room. I assume you would have a desk cleaned of clutter before you go for your Lunar New Year break. Make a hot cup of traditional Red Dates Tea (easy substitute is anything hot from your coffee joint), go with the traditional Chinese New Year cake (easy substitute is anything sweet and savory). Turn on your desk fan or a low tune from the radio on the computer so as to activate the energies at that point in time. Most importantly, the act that completes it all - send out a work-related email and there ! You have officially start work on the positive right note.

For business owners, the big bang is to invite in the Lion Dance troupe. Electrify the work premise with an atmosphere of energy. It is also customary for bosses on this day to reward workers with an auspicious red packet, a token with a customary amount of cash, to harmonize and bind the force together and embark on the new year with new directions and the best of results.


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