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BaZi Analysis - A Chance to write your own Story.

Much have been said and described of what a BaZi or Destiny Analysis is and can do for you. To start with, why would one be interested to understand one's own life path when he or she is actually living it ?

The truth lies in our quest for answers as to what the future holds for us and hope that this knowledge will be useful to forge a better life for ourselves.

While it takes all sorts to make up this world, there is no one who would be sure enough what tomorrow brings. This uncertaintity leads us to all channels of forecasts and predictions and the focus is always about ME.

One of the most important features of a BaZi analysis is to separate the distinct diffrence between one's character and his or her personality. This recognition will make one understand what one's character brings, why he or she behaves the way they often do which eventually lead to the same resultant. In short, a person's character allows the individual to live out his or her comfort zone which is

very often repaeted, stretched and abused.

How would I describe a person living up to his or her character ?

Four words. "I am like that".

When a person is adamant to live life according to his or her rules only, they will never change, not the rules, not the attitude, not the conditions, not anyone's influence and definitely not the result.

BaZi offers this unique opportunity to look deep into one's character, the good and more imprtantly, the bad aspects. Most people would often say - "No one understands my character better than mysef". The reality is, people only know their good things about themselves and conveniently overlook the bad.

It takes a third party with non-vested interests to point out to you what your flaws are, where you've gone wrong, why you're repeating your mistakes and most importantly, how you can change all that.

Change is a big word and it's easier said than done.

Why should one change when I do not know what's in it for me ? Changes are uncomfortable, disruptive and takes efforts.

As a consultant, this is my job. Make you understand your character and offer you ways and opportunities to change, from bad to good, from negative to positive and from failure to success. I also need to categorise the advantages of You changing from a character into another persona.

Once you adopt the necessary changes, your Character will adapt to a new Personality. With clearly defined benefits and purpose in life.

More than this, a BaZi analysis will layer across many aspects of your life and allows one to comprehend matters relating to work attitudes, relationship matters, health concerns, family ties, outlook in life and the timeliness of all things in this journey with your loved ones.

Read more about what you may get out of a BaZi session. Go on, write your own story.

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