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The star of Romance to wish for on your Wedding Day.

The Peach Blossom (桃花)star, in the range of auxillary energies found in the systems of Bazi and Date Selection practices, is a broad description of stars that bring about relationships, nostalgia, love, romance, emotions, impulse, connection and mutual attraction. It is the Chinese Cupid if you like a comparison, just that its roles are much more diverse.

The Peach Blossom star however, can work both ways. It can turn out to be a blessing towards a meaningful relationship as much as it can result in an encounter you wish you had not started. Before you jump into every opportunity, try and understand the effects of what each brings and the consequences it carries.

The family of the Peach Blossom stars include the Red Matchmaker, the Moon Star, the Salty Pool Star and of course, the Sky Happiness.

In Date Selection, the Sky Happiness is the one star that accompanies the Success Day to bring about the best for matrimonial matters. These days are specially picked and rank first by consultants to fit into solemnization and registration of marriage as well as the traditional tea ceremony.

It is said that the presence of the Sky Happiness Star is one which gathers people around and calls for every celebration. This is essentially a powerful source of happiness and laughter which attracts others to participate. People who has this or are touched upon by this star are exceptionally articulate and creative in fun and activities. It cuts across all ages, sex and cultures, and is both exuberant and demonstrative.

Most importantly, this star is seen as a blessing of matrimonial union, love, mutual respect, trust, faith and understanding between husband and wife.

In the coming year 2022, there are only twenty such dates. Some knowledge and techniqes are required for those who wish to have their wedding dates matched to their Destiny Charts (BaZi) and this list is for your general reference and plans for possible dates to hold your big day. Please consult your respective consultants if you need a detailed match.


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