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‘Energies of the Dragon are carried by the winds and collect at the boundary of water’

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Perhaps the clearest definition of what Feng Shui means is envisioned by the historian, poet and writer of the Eastern Jin period.

Guo Pu (郭璞)【AD 276 - 324】wrote The Book of Burials (葬書), the most authoritative source of Feng Shui doctrine that addresses the concept of Feng Shui in the history of China.





These lines are observed by all practitioners and form the basis of all Feng Shui applications.

This adaptation spells the criteria for the conditions of good Feng Shui.

Sources of Feng Shui originates and evolves into ‘winds’ (風). Winds are air in motion created by a difference in pressures and moves from high to low.

The natural occurrence comes from the expansion of warmer atmosphere, thus allowing air to flow.

In Feng Shui, the quality of this flow must be gradual and sentimental. The origin of such qualities come from mountains (山)and hills which should be ideally lush and shaped with ridges. As the air brushes through the trees and minerals, it forms and carries with it the vital qualities of what mankind benefits as a breeze and can be further enhanced as wind (風).

This flow will only stop when it meets with a collection of water (水)in a bright protected space. Preferably clean and moving, representing life, water is seen as a river, a protected channel, a reservoir, a lake, man made dams or a bay.

In urban cities, buildings and undulations of land make up for such sources while roads, drains, pools and ponds can take the place of natural water features.

It is from this quality of conditions that your Feng Shui Master comes in and lay out the possibilities of certain properties and land which will then be matched with the occupants for their enjoyment and benefits.

The point here is clear.

Energies (氣), popularly termed as the breath of the dragons, cannot be created or manufactured.

We must be prepared and be honest with ourselves that certain land, locations, areas, precincts, clusters and neighborhoods do not come with such a quality.

Turning a property which do not come with such a condition, from bad to good is not a reality. At most, mitigation can be applied to the downsides.

It is therefore ore imperative for property prospects to assess or call in a professional to ascertain if a home is worth investing, right from the start.

Internally, if your home qualifies to be able to draw in the energies (氣), much can be done to be activated for various functions that bring the desired results for its owners.

In a sequence and with methodologies, a professional consultant should be able to ‘unlock’ and ‘release’ certain points within your home so that energies flow.

Fixtures, layout, locality and the use of certain element related features will usually do the trick.

A professional and ethical consultant will effectively use electrical appliance such as lights (for career and image boosting), plants and flowers (for relationships), water (for wealth, financial and business enhancements) and metal structures or exercise weights to control some negatively affected areas.

Often, the question of wealth activation comes into dispute. what do you need to use in water features.

The answer is, all you need is a water pump (not an air pump) and a container as simple as a pail.

How big should it be ? For a 100 square meters or a 1,100 square feet size apartment, a one foot aquarium will do.

The best is, it must be an open top for energies to collect and it must be moving water so that the energies remain active and live.

This is my personal water feature. Filter, water pump, lights, artificial plants, bit of stones for added aesthetics.

No fish.

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