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Feng Shui Necessities when You Work from Home.

With the current stay home notices, absence of leave, lockdowns and quarantines in place, there is a need to organise and maximise the time and space entrusted to us so that we can be productive, effective and manage our resources well.

There are different levels of people who are working out of the office. You may be taking absence of leave from your employers or self-employed in your own trade. Of course, I empatise with people who may have been displaced or retrenched due to the sudden and swift downturn. Whether you are a business person, a self employed agent, an employee or anything in between, it is time to make your home work for you.

Whatever situation you are in, take this as an opportunity to do something to your home and especially your personal workspace.

While not everyone may have the luxury of space to create a dedicated study, it should not stop you from creating a work station, one as simple as a foldable table and collapsible chair at its bare minimum. Done right, this is going to be your break that you have been waiting for.

First, look around your home and identify workable areas. It may be a spare room, breakfast or dining table, a corner near the kitchen or a space in the balcony. Preferably, this is one location that is clean, bright and uncluttered. See a window, walkway or balcony there ? Great ! Look outside. If there's a bright opening, unblocked space and not too busy or noisy, it can be qualified.

Next, which location within the home is best for you ? For this, look back at my article 'Reading your BaZi in a Minute' in which you will see what your Personal Palace is. This is reflected in your Life Star of your personal BaZi chart.

From personal experiences and consultations with clients, the very basic Feng Shui you should have is to protect this very personal space of yours. For example, if your Life Star is 4, your Personal Palace to watch out for is the Southeast sector within your home. How do you know where the Southeast is ? Get the compass tool in your mobile phone, stand in the cnetre of your home. Regardless where you face, main entrance or balcony, front or back alike, the Southeast sector will be reflected in the compass. This shall be the sector where it is best for you to have a clean and bright space to locate your area of productive work.

What if this sector is not useable ? Like it falls into the kitchen, toilets or store ?

Then, go for the alternative. Up to the end of the year 2020, the other sectors to consider positioning your work desk will be the West, Northwest, Northeast and the Southeast. Because the matching energies there correspond with the Indirect Wealth, Direct Wealth, Noblemen and the Commanding energies, respectively, of this year for you to tap on.

It is not time for you to wonder into the unknown but to be responsible for the future of you and your family. 30th March would be a perfect daye for the move, best timed at 8am. Make the change and create your own opportunities.

Leave a comment if you like this information and let me know if I can expound on other topics of your interests.


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