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Handle the East Sector with extreme care in 2020

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Between the compass reading of 67.6 degrees and 112.5 degrees lies the East sector.

Each year, the Flying Star systems goes on a rotational system and every sector undergoes a shift of energies, some good, others that require some attention.

Come the Year of the Metal Rat, beginning from 4th February 2020, the number 5 Star finds its way to the East sector of every space, home and office.

At times manifesting and known metaphorically as the 'Five Ghosts', the fundamentals of this star is associated with honesty, purity and righteousness. The Five Yellow is also said to be representative of the 'Emperor Star'.

Whatever its origin, this star is undoubtedly of high status and much authority. It is therefore respected as one which cannot tolerate any nonsense and disturbances.

The number 5 star is Earth element in nature.

In 2020, it comes and occupy the East sector which is Wood elementally.

Wood controls Earth and thus the resultant cannot be expected to be friendly. Imagine a star of 'Emperor' status being a guest to a place that is not only hostile but challenging to take control over this visitor.

This can be translated as the East sector to be one of struggle, resistance, physical confrontations, unhappiness, show of power and regional politics, involving unwilling participating neighbors.

In a micro level, try and map out where your East sector is within the home or office. You can do this by importing your home floor plan and plot over the 24 mountain compass over it.

Once determined, the East sector must be best kept quiet and most importantly, not have any form of fire and open flames there, be it a candle nor any incense. From the end of 2019, when the energies are transiting, the East sector must not experience any renovations, hammering, hacking, drilling nor any consistent movements of fixtures. Obviously, if you are drumming and banging away with your loud bass speakers on your computer games, you may want to shift this activities somewhere else.

Past experiences have shown that when the this Misfortune Star, as it is sometimes called, is activated through such activities, unfortunate strings of events follow very swiftly. They include sudden illnesses, accidents, quarrels, relationship issues, business failures, financial disasters and many other consequential losses.

By December 2019, one should already plan to demarcate the East sector of the home and office and prepare it to be cleaned and reserved for quiet activities. Remove all active water such as fountains and aquariums as well as standing fans and purifiers.

Having said this, it does not mean that one should totally avoid using this space which could potentially be a room or dining area. Remember that you control your space, not the other way around.

The solution ?

Use heavy metal to pacify the Earth energy. Get a 5 Kg metal exercise weights and put it in a corner. Alternatively, the traditional method of hanging a pair of the ancient copper Six Emperors' Coins by the window ends will do the trick.


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