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Inviting the God of Wealth this Lunar New Year.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

It is customary for Chinese families around the world to observe the Lunar New Year with all things auspicious. Perhaps there is no better way than to include the invitation of the God of Wealth into the home for prosperity and wealth all year round.

As in many observations, the invitation of the God of Wealth has been infused with part cultural, part religious practices. More prominently, the God of Wealth has been personified into a roly-poly figure often depicted with a gold ingot on one hand and a sceptre on the other. There is nothing wrong in that as this is done all in the name of a rich heritage and culture.

However, it is equally important that we try to understand its origin, the true intention behind such a practice and an explanation which can be logically linked to this belief.

To start with, it is found that the act of inviting the God of Wealth is the identification of a star, one that hangs in the sky at a specific time and to add to an air of an auspicious feel, is linked to the hour just as the Lunar New Year kicks in.

Often accompanied by prayers and observation of setting up a table of offerings, this identification of the star that astronomically links one to some positive energies become accepted as a ritual. And this is why the invitation of the God of Wealth is seen as a religious affair, complete with burning of incense, candles and paper offerings.

The logical way to invite the God of Wealth is a far more simpler act. There is no dance and song segment nor are you required to be seen in an entire red attire.

Here are the simple steps:

1. The time is 30 minutes past midnight of the arrival of the Lunar New Year or 12.30 am on 25 January, local time to wherever you are.

2. Identify with a compass and know where the West sector and Northwest sectors are from your inside home. If you stay in a landed property, you can observe this in your yard or garden. If you stay in an apartment, it is best you can observe the West or Northwest sector from inside your home where it is a common corridor, balcony, a yard or anywhere that has a window or opening.

3. Light up your home and open up all windows and doors.

4. Set up two small chairs and a table at 11.30 pm on Lunar New Year's Eve, 24 January 11.30pm. Prepare some savoury, snacks and drinks. Wine to be enjoyed would be perfect.

5. Settle down at midnight, observe the sky towards the direction of West.

6. You should be able to observe a star that shines brighter than the rest. You have identified the Wealth Star or the God of Wealth.

7. Look towards the direction of Northwest.

8. If you are able to observe a star brighter than the rest in this direction, you are connected with the Nobility Star.

9. Make your wishes. Enjoy the affinity and feel the connectivity. 30 minutes into this and you are done. You have invited into your home and for the good part of the year, the God of Wealth who is said to bless you with much success, happiness and fulfilment of your hopes and wishes. Good luck.


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