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One 'SHA-QI' that Feng Shui masters forget.

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

We have all heard about how negative features such as pointed roofs, electrical pylons, highways, religious places of worship, dead ends and construction sites can contribute to the negative impact of the energies of homes and offices. Most, if not all, are overemphasized by practitioners, as they are static features.

However, one such activator simply cannot be ignored, visual or auditory.

Properties within a 5 km radius of an airport or military air base will most likely be subject to low flying jets that often come with thundery rumblings.

Military jets can reach a speed of Mach 6.7 equivalent to 7,200 km/hour or more than 70 times the speed of a vehicle tearing down the highway at 100 km/hour.

This will surely contribute as an activator of energies for residents and businesses.

But before we jump into easy conclusion that living near places with fighter jets flying over their heads are bad, we need to understand that only homes that are aligned with negative stars' characteristics stand a higher risk of being affected negatively.

One quick way to analyse this is to check if the Flying Stars chart of a home or office comes with the negative stars of 5 (misfortunes), 2 (sickness) or 7 (possible violence). Depending on where these stars are located, such as the master bedroom or kitchen, the energies erupting from the flying jets can actually contribute to the negative impact these stars carry with them.

This being said, there are still solutions to these situations as they happen. No one should be led to be believe that the only solution is to move out. Managed well, these properties may even bring about a level of opportunities that most quiet neighborhoods cannot offer.

If you are one of those who live near such facilities and

the noises of the planes bother you no more, the easiest 'insurance' is to take a proactive approach of digesting or mitigating the two major stars which can contribute to misfortunes and sickness, use the element metal as a cure. The best way ? A pair of exercise weights adding to 5 kg will do the trick.


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