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Probably the best cure you can find for the moment.

While the world awaits anxiously for the vaccine against the highly contagious virus, there are things which cannot wait. From the Feng Shui perspective, things is going to get worse and it is not the time to 'wait for fate' as some would put it.

As seen in my previous articles, there are two specific sectors within the space that you occupy most, largely your home since most of us work from home anyway. These are the East part which harbours the Misfortune Star in the Year of the Metal Rat. More critically, the South sector of the home comes with the Illness Star.

Both of these two most negative stars are classified as the Earth element. Since Fire supports the element Earth, these two sectors must be free of fire. To digest Earth, the element Metal is often recommended. Unfortunately, most masters and consultants leave it just as that.

For many, the thought of using Metal leans towards some fanciful metallic ornaments in the shape of 'protection emblems'. This is not wrong as long as they are of full metal in make and heavy enough corresponding to a space. However, it has been found that many metallic coated and painted materials have been substituted for such use that make them absolutely ineffective. The other resistance is that not everyone is in favour of placing ornaments at home.

So, first thing first. Identify the East and South sectors of your home. You can do this by using our 24 Mountains compass tool under the 'Resources' tab on our website. Once identified, the following should be observed.

1. Clean up the East and South sectors of your home

2. Remove anything that is in constant movement there, example standing fans and aquariums

3. Remove anything that burns there, example, candles and incense

4. Remove anything that creates loud and consistent sounds, example radio and computers

5. Do not renovate in these two sectors in 2020

6. Do not shift things around, drill or hammer in these two sectors this year

Regardless of whether this is a bedroom, living room, entrance or the yard, the right thing to do from a Feng Shui angle is to weaken the Earth energies with heavy metal.

Introduced and proven effective over the past 15 years of my practice, I strongly recommend all to place a pair of all-metal exercise weights weighing up to 5kg in each sector. You can have it is a single piece or as a pair as long as it totals 5kg (recommended for homes up to 1,500 sq feet). Please note that the colourful plastic versions are filled with sand and do not do the job.

Stay safe and keep being healthy.


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