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Road to Financial Success - Avoid the 'No Wealth Days'

Have you wonder why there are some successful people who seem to do the right thing with precise timing ? Perhaps, you attribute it to their 'good luck' that goes their way. However, you start to suspect that there must be something that they did right to strike gold most of the time.

The sequence to financial success is first to make sure things do not get in your way.

In Date Selection, there are days in the year that are grouped and labelled as 'No Wealth Days'. These are days when the 'wealth' or prosperous energies fall into the 'Void and Emptiness' stage. When this happens, the prosperous energies, key drivers to success especially in areas of financial growth, monetary gains and investment returns are totally absent.

For the rest of 2019, the two days you want to watch are 3 November (Sunday) and 4 November (Monday).

These two days are best left alone if you are making critical financial decisions or executing anything that requires us to part with our money. Doing so often leads to a negative feeling of that decision, missing out a better bargain elsewhere, fed with negative feedback about that same decision, mistakes in financial calculations, failure in securing a loan and in the longer term, an investment that usually leads to losses.

Most of us have some kind of financial decisions to make, big or small. It could be a business investment, a stock market purchase, putting money down for a property, getting a new car, putting children into the right university and so much more.

The good advice here is, avoid these days if you have to make a decision or put it off to another day.

There will be fourteen other such days in year 2020. It's all calculated at your fingertips in the 2020 Chinese Almanac, now available for purchase.


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