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Taking on the Corona Virus. A Strong Logo to show Commitment.

The WuHan Huo Shen Shan Hospital, literally translated as Mount Fire God, is dedicated to battle the ongoing viral outbreak, now known as CoVid-19.

The dominantly red-coloured logo has interesting Feng Shui and BaGua accents that suggests much thoughts and consideration have been given to translate the intentions of its institution to the country and the world.

If you look at he centrepiece, you will see the image of a gourd (HuLu) that is symbolic of Chinese medicine and treatment.

Flanking this is a pair of flame-like drawing which seems to symbolise the element Fire which is representative of life, comfort, confidence and warmth.

The internal ring which forms a protective layer over its intentions is the depiction of the Early Trigram BaGua. This is traditionally used as the purest and strongest symbol of protection from nature, much like what you will get out of a BaGua mirror which homes and businesses hang over their main doors and entrances.

Another coincidence is the location of the Fire element in this BaGua which is found in the East, geographically punting to China as well as the HuBei province where the virus is at its epicentre.

The Year of the Rat in 2020 is dominated by the Water element with the Fire element under much threat and is at its weakest.

With their strong belief and great efforts, we hope that they will see breakthrough by Summer this year when the element Fire will gain strength to fight this disease.


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