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5 Positive Daily Feng Shui Routines in Difficult Times.

Updated: May 26, 2021

Quarantined, stay-home-orders, leave-of-absence, movement-controlled-orders all point to the current situations we are all facing. While some adapt better than the rest, the best thing we could make out of this restriction and isolation is to stay healthy, get better organised, do more, become more effective, stay connected, learn something and reach out to others.

In more ways than one, what makes us stronger and wiser is linked largely on how one handles the flow of the pandemic in the way the Five Elements exist.

The Yin and Yang of the Five Elements are attached to the way we can manage and make the best off the face of a crisis like this.

1. You must have before you give. Even before thinking of giving, think about what you will and can receive. One must take care of oneself before you take care of others. That points to the Yin and Yang of the Resource stars.

Yin Resource stars relate to information and intelligence you receive.

In our world of social media and interconnectivity, the danger of an information overload is even more dangerous than the threat of the virus itself.

Read enough, get it from official and reliable sources, do not speculate and avoid spreading fake news.

The Yang Resource stars are the physical support you are getting. This is evident from the state of health you are currently in.

Eat well, rest enough and exercise regularly.

2. In times like these, personal responsibility takes priority.

The Yin and Yang of oneself belongs to the categories of the Friend Star and the Rob Wealth Star.

Friend Star's influence come from your inner circles, your family, loved ones and friends. In the face of social distancing and lockdowns, it is inevitable that physical contacts become impossible.

However, one can still stay connected with technology through video calls, video confrencing and mobile chats. Do these often so that you do not feel isolated while stimulating your mind to current exchanges and conversations.

The Rob Wealth Stars are those associated with your social and professional circles. How do businessmen, entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, cafe operators and retailers do when their shops are ordered to shut ? Work towards bringing in the business online and feel like you are an effective influencer.

After all, the Rob Wealth Stars, when effectively mobilised, form your followers and fans base.

Be yourself, be sincere and be at your best.

3. It is in times when others are having it tough and desperate that you have to give it all.

Of the five elements, the output stars are differentiated by the Eating God and the Hurting Officer.

Frontline workers, essential service providers, transport operators, food and beverage suppliers and medical professionals keep our lives going. That is how the output stars are being put into the best use during the worst of times.

In kind or any other forms, what we produce and offer that benefit and touch the lives of others form the best of what we give.

Those with positive Eating God stars tend to operate behind the public glare but without their contributions, all that is required to function will grind to a halt.

The necessary equipment, the fund raising efforts, the public support, the emotional rally, government lobbies and the optimistic outlook are classic examples of the Eating God at work.

The Hurting Officer types are the battle-geared offensives who take the enemy (the Virus) head on.

They are fearless and self-sacrificing for the sake of others. These form the ambulance teams, the medics, the nurses, the doctors, the psychologists, the therapists and all those who form the human chain take care of the sick and fallen.

Do you have what it takes ? People with these two stars do not sit around idling and wondering what to do next.

If you have one of these two stars as your profile, let your giving inclinations come alive.

Reach out and offer your helping hand.

4. Be it a sense of duty or obligation, it must come with the activation of your Authority stars. When the Direct Officer in you gets to work, the systematic approach takes control. In an orderly and controlled fashion, we need the sequence and logic of this authority to set out approaches towards an answer to a problem.

People with high levels of Direct Officer Stars make full use of law and order to instil calm and a sense of structure in society. Predictable and conservative, these people remain cautiously optimistic that any situations will come under control if we follow a set of rules.

The high-octane solution provider belongs to the Seven Killings Star (7K). They have no time to skirt around protocols and crunch data. This group of people gets stright to the point of finding a straighforward answer to the problem. The scientists and biologists will not care for any political interefernces if they can find the vaccine for the virus.

The Authority Stars come with clout, power and high sense of fulfillment which can be motivated in the right directions and for the correct reasons.

Use your influence and reach out in positive ways.

5. Resources are great in good times and most needed during turbulent times like this. There is Direct and Indirect Resources. Take it that we need to receive if we want to give.

Direct Resources Stars are the evident help and support we receive. Government grants, abundance of supplies, outright human and financial capital are examples of Deirect Resources.

Then there are resources which we wish we have more to drive our causes. We need efforts to ask for that donations. Indirect Resources also include the intangibles such as emotional capital to drive a campaign.

In sequence, if one has the ability and the ability to influence and to rally a group or a majority to come together and provide something in commen for others, it will turn into one of the two Resource Stars.

Do you already have some resources to spare ? Financial or a concerted effort that you can bring others together to contribute to a bigger cause ?

Give if you can. Share if you have. We are in this together. What comes next is another day.


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