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The 12 Zodiac Stars Chart.

Gods and Killings in the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.

You would have had a peek at the original chart on the front pages of the Chinese Almanac. However, they are very technical terms and transcripted in Chinese, something many of us may not fully understand.

This is the English version and a quick glance will offer you the weightage of auspicious stars against the unfavourable stars for each zodiac. As a guide, the red stars are auspicious while the black ones are unfavourable.

The annual forecast has various methods of calculation and the allocation of certain stars may differ amongst the sources. However, the main stars remain intact for most.

The most important consideration goes into the interpretation of these stars and the recommendations of how we make use of them in our favour.

Just like the Feng Shui of a space, a person with a zodiac with the most

superlative stars and do nothing, is not going to get anything out of it. Therein lies the difference of what we do with these stars as there are a handful which are in middle ground. They can be viewed as positive by some consultants and negative by others. Whatever their views, the important factor is knowing the essence of the stars matching to current and prevailing conditions.

As an example, Salty Pool in the Horse this year is seen by most to be a star of flirtations and extra marital affairs but there maintains a handful of practitioners who see it as a Peach Blossom star in positive light, that Salty Pool can be a relationship star.


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