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The 6th day of Chinese New Year.

Updated: Feb 17

Do you know that there are dedicated functions and significance attached to the first 10 days of the Chinese New Year ?

Day 1 is the Day of Rooster and most traditional families will refrain from consuming chicken. Now that you know it, no curry chicken on the first day !

Day 2 belongs to the Pig and therefore, it is not auspicious to consume pork on the second day.

Day 3 is Goat's Day and no one should be stewing mutton on this day or bad fortunes shall befall you.

Day 4 goes to the Dog and so, all Dogs on this day has an additional special day to add to their respective birthdays or anniversaries. Dogs shall be getting extra care and treats on this day.

Day 5 is dedicated to the Ox. No dishes involving beef will be served. The fifth day also coincides with the invitation of the God of Wealth into the homes.

Day 6 is known as Horse Day because it was the day that the Mother Goddess created the horse.

Interestingly, another significance to Day 6 of Chinese New Year is that it is also the day of thrashing rubbish accumulated over the last five days of celebrations. It is also known as the day to get rid of the 'Poor Devil' (送穷日). In the past, people cleaned up the house in full force, fire crackers, beat drums and light up their homes to get rid of poor tidings.

Day 7 is Humanities Day or Everybody's birthday (人日). In honor of homeless and people without families, this is the day families will open up their homes to invite the less fortunate to join them for a meal.

Day 8 is Grain Day (谷日), the significance of which is largely unknown but according to sources, the day to pay homage to good harvests and future hopes.

Day 9 is the Day of Heaven when it offers another opportunity to pray to the Jade Emperor for blessings and good fortune. Regarded as the Supreme Deity who governs the universe and commands the three realms of life.

Day 10 is Earth Day and is reserved for the worship of the Earth God who takes care of all things earthly.


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