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You create your own wealth opportunities.

When you've got nothing to lose...

I received a nice message from a gratified member of the audience from one of my many presentations during the Chinese New Year season.

I do not know who he is but he mentioned that he found my session interesting and he particularly liked the idea of wealth activation. I had given out specific dates for wealth activation during these talks but they are all found in my book, the Auspicious Days in the Year of the Wood Dragon.

Wealth activation are opportunities for everyone to connect the potential benefits that a property will bring to its occupants. Usually, it involves the use active water to reboot the energies within a specific sector given a date and time. It does not require any prayers nor special directions for things to manifest. In fact, it is as easy as putting up a water feature with a pump and light, the easiest of which is to invest in a cheap aquarium. And there's no need for the fish.

This benefit is not limited to financial gratifications such as lotteries or lucky draws. In fact, they are more targeted towards success in areas of work, business, investments and monetization of your professional outputs.

It has proven to be quite a windfall for this client who 'invested S$7.00' in Singapore's lottery system and landed with a $104,708 prize money.

I am not suggesting that wealth activation is any silver bullet for our quest for easy and quick money but like the saying goes, it's worth the effort if I've got nothing to lose.

I feel happy for the winner but the end of it all, I do not encourage gambling !


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