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Inviting the Son-in-Law for dinner.

The 11th day of Chinese New Year.

20th February 2024 is the eleventh day of the Spring Festival.

It is the eleventh day of the New Year and also of the first lunar month.

Although there is a certain distance from the Spring Festival, it is still within the New Year period after all, so it is still a relatively special day. So, do you know what day the eleventh day of the first lunar month is?

What is usually done on New Year’s Day?

It's the day to invite the son-in-law.

It is said that this day is the day when the father-in-law entertains his son-in-law. There was a lot of leftover food left over from celebrating the birth of God on the ninth day of the lunar month, apart from eating it for one day on the tenth day of the lunar month.

Therefore, the family did not have to spend any more money and used the leftover food to entertain their son-in-law and daughter. The Chinese folk song is called "Inviting the son-in-law on the 11th day." .


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