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The Best of You is in Your Bazi Chart

Every individual is capable of great development. Besides our physical well-being, there is our will, faith, belief systems, energy and humanity that will endear us through much in life.

How many times have you wished that you are 'better' than the nearest competitor, richer than the neighbor next door and better liked than your friends ?

Nature has blessed us with great talents and abilities and yet few of us truly make full use of these gifts in us to realize our full potentials. While not everyone of us will become the best nor the most adored, one should not bemoan and complain for the lack of opportunities given to them.

You will always be Yourself. Your success is a personal responsibility and shall be the result only when you bring out your personal best. The question remains - How do I make use of what I have and turn them into tools of execution that will lead me to personal achievements, financial success, social recognition and a personal elevation of status ?

The answer from a metaphysics point of view is the awareness of your five most powerful stars endowed upon you and how you breathe life into them so that you attain more with less unnecessary efforts.

To know what your five stars in your life, plot your destiny chart using the BaZi calculator and you will land up with this chart.

These five qualities are there for your taking. You will see the them as Noblemen | Intelligence | Peach Blossom | Sky Horse | Solitary. Each with its unique qualities and strengths for you to leverage in different situations in life.

Noblemen are stars and energies that provide you with the necessary resources, assistance, motivation, connections and reasons for you to succeed. Having the Noblemen star in your favor accelerates your progress. Noblemen come in all forms and may appear during the most unexpected situations. Having the Noblemen star in your chart in the various location in your chart can lead to different outcomes. In Ethan's case, his Noblemen star (Rat) is found in the Year branch. This suggests that his success can be driven by others who are distant in relation to him or do not interact with him often but can make a positive difference in his life when it is activated.

The Intelligence Star is a sign of street smartness. This is vital for quick responses to immediate problems and crisis. This star makes a person think and figure out how best to deal with others in the most effective way. Having this star in your chart defies conventional wisdom that one needs to follow strict rules and methodologies to get ahead in life. People with the Intelligence Star tends to think creatively and just know how to handle situations where others ignore and fail.

The Peach Blossom is often and broadly taken as a 'star attracting opposite sex'. In reality, this is a star of attraction to all beings. Relationship matters are the main staple for people with such a star in their chart. They tend to draw people and when utilized in the right ways and intention, the Peach Blossom star in you brings people together for a common cause that usually benefit you.

You will need the Sky Horse to bring you fruition and results in a fast fashion. This is the star of movement and mobility. Anything fluid and in execution represents the Sky Horse. This is the one star that propels you to the realms of high achievements. The purpose of the Sky Horse star in your favor is to kick-start a brilliant idea and to 'short-circuit' the system so that results becomes evident earlier in order to give you a sense of direction.

While the namesake of the Solitary Star seems to link one to loneliness and seclusion, this is the one that is often overlooked and untapped. If one has this star in his chart, he is likely to operate on his own, within his scope, at his pace and much at peace. The Solitary Star offers you the ability to focus, think, derive and analyse a situation better than the rest and especially in times when everyone else is rushing the wrong way. The power of this star cannot be underestimated and when activated, provides you the clarity and calm required to turn any crisis into an opportunity.

If you find that you do not have them in your chart, don't fret. We shall discuss in our next articles where to locate them and how to activate them.

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