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The Bully Punishment - Ox, Goat and Dog

Do you have all of these three zodiac signs in your BaZi chart ? If you do, chances are, you will likely experience this punishment on the receiving end, as the victim.

Why ?

Bully Punishment - Ox, Goat, Dog

First, the basic qualities of the Earth element associated with all three zodiacs is one of a non-confrontational silent sufferer. People with Earth–laden charts may be seen as personable, people-oriented, understanding and most forgiving. However, in the same breath, they qualify as easy targets for problems, disputes, misunderstandings and wrongdoings.

This punishment factor in a chart renders the individual helpless and defenceless, usually through unexpected, swift and shocking incidents. For example, those with the Bully Punishment are likely to fall prey to accusations, allegations, blames, swindles, scams, blackmails and ransoms of all kinds.

In simple words, if you have all three of the above or just two of the them added with the missing link in the year, you become the convenient scapegoat and sacrificial lamb for mistakes and offences committed by others. This leaves them with the usual self blame and guilt for being too trusting and nice to others.

However, in true fashion, these are the same folks who form the most resilient people. They ponder, heal, regroup and can fight back , often in spectacular comebacks.

What do you do if you have this configuration in your chart ?

For starters: always bear in mind to assess others with diligence, do not over-accommodate, protect your personal interests first and never take others’ words at face value.

Use my BaZi Calculator to find out if you have this combination lurking inside you.


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