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The Heavenly Pardon Stars 2019 天赦日

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Forgiveness is the conscious act of dispelling feelings of resentment or vengeance towards a person, group, or institution that may have done you what is deemed to be wrong or unjust.

Most religions and cultures hold forgiveness as one of the key elements of living a good, honest and pure life.

Scientific studies have shown that practicing forgiveness can improve the physical and mental health of the person who forgives.

People who forgive those who have hurt them tend to live happier and healthier lives. It holds truth of the benefit of moving on with life.

There is nothing wrong in saying sorry, so if you have someone you think you have hurt, tell them that you are sorry. It is always gracious to extend the olive branch.

If someone comes to you to apologize for something they have done, accept and forgive them.

Asking for forgiveness is closely associated with the Yin Virtue Star (阴德). These are days when the benevolence are heightened and one is aligned towards a forgiving nature.

The Yin Virtue Star has a very special place in Chinese culture.

When one is seen to have committed and realized that it was an unkind act such as talking behind a person’s back or betraying a friend, he or she will be advised to ‘cultivate’ the Yin Virtue (积阴德) .

This very act alone is so synonymous with making amends of one’s mistakes that it is believed the presence of the Yin Virtue Star will alleviate one’s repercussions for his misdeeds.

‘Cultivating’ the Yin Virtue thus evolved into a well kept secret for those who are informed of their precision on certain dates and time for turning around a negative energy into positive. It is the self empowerment of forgiveness, on condition that the promise of not repeating that act is preserved.

For example, if one has unwittingly hurt another or cause pain to a competitor and later realized that it had been malicious or over-done, making use of the presence of the Yin Virtue and reversing that deed with something positive is said to gain the offender some merit points.

Yin Virtue days are thus the best opportunities for one to 'consolidate' one’s mistakes for repentance. If you feel you have wrongly accused someone, made life miserable for another or cause discomfort of a loved one, knowing or unknowingly, watch out for the Yin Virtue Star days to make amends.

These days are therefore best for peaceful get-together, ‘settlement’ dinners, asking for truce and if your cause of problems are too big for mortal settlement, then this is a great day for prayers. Yin Virtue days are believed to provide you the purest connection between your requests and your answers.

Pick one of the dates and corresponding time specially selected for you. Choose a quiet spot at home or office, and face the direction as specified. Ask for forgiveness and seek repentance if necessary.

Use these days to offload whatever emotional baggage there exists so you are prepared for a better 2020 Year of the Metal Rat.

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