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The Monthly Flying Stars create dynamics onto the Flying Stars of the Year 2020.

It can be seen that certain sectors of a habitat, such as an office, a home or simply a space that are often used for daily commute and activities, somewhat conform to the annual Flying Stars' energies exerted on that sector.

For example, the annual star 5, which is Earth in element and is representative of Misfortunes and Calamities, falls into the East sector. What it simply means is that the East sector of any space will likely experience problems and environmental disasters if triggered by some activities that consistently run foul of the process of nature.

While this can take place anytime within the year, it can be further exacerbated with the collaboration of the Monthly Flying Stars affecting that same sector.

While the annual Flying Stars will maintain their respective positions, the monthly Fying Stars will change and add on the impact exerted by the annual stars of that sector. This changes every month.

For example, the monthly Flying Stars for the period 5th March to 3rd April coincides with the annual stars in 2020.

This leads to a doubling effect for each sector. What is supposedly good shall be twice as good. What can be seen as potential threats of problems can be many times the trouble.

First thing first. Take care of the bad.

Look at the East. Both the annual and monthly stars happen to be one and the same number 5 star which spells misfortunes and calamities. What do you do ? Start with your home. Make sure the East sector at home is clean and not actualised by any incessant activities. These activities include loud noises, constant moving around and shuffling of furniture, banging, excessive computer work, burning of candles and any kind of renovations. On a macro scale, are you travelling towards the East part of any place ? Do you think the trip is open to any environmental mishaps such as one involving mountainous or a big ocean exposure ? I had said that this includes cruises. Even if you do not change your travel plans, at least be aware of potential dangers especially during the period between 5th March and 3rd April 2020.

If someone is sleeping in the South part at home and it happens that it is a bedroom, the likelihood of a person recovering from an illness or a simple cough and flu becomes an ardous task. Again, this space got to be kept clean, avoid renovations and burning of candles or incense.

I am not suggesting that you should avoid using these spaces altogether. You should control your home and never allow the reverse to happen. So, if these two sectors happen to be rooms or spaces that are often used by the family, the cure is to introduce the element Metal to weaken or digest the Earth stars of the Misfortune (number 5) as well as the Sickness (number 2). Use a pair of exercise weights (must be all-metal) or kettlebell, 5 kilograms in total and just have them on the floors of these two affected areas.

What about the good areas ? It will be nice to see if you could get to some quick results, given this period till 3rd April to be effectively doubling of the respective sectors' energies, by activating these sectors.

I recommend you light up the West sector and put in an analogue clock for this month. Perhaps you could move the standing fan to the Northwest. Activate the Southwest as well as the Southeast with a water feature or a live plant (recommended as a vase with four live bamboo). You can add on a radio or hifi systems there too.

Generally speaking, the central palace which comes with the violence star is preempting us for a month of more physical unrests, show of strength, oneupmanship and lots of irrational acts with weapons and firearms.

On a worldwide scale, we are not hopeful that the viral outbreak will taper off anytime soon.

Personally, one should take responsibility of one's health, stay away from physical confrontations, be aware of environmental dangers, stay safe, avoid vigorous water and mountainous activities and expect some depressing news. Remain positive and this episode shall pass with rather swift and steep recovery. Use this period to invest in yourself, your health and personal development for better days to come.


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