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When the Water under the Metal turns violent.

In the follow up of my last post when I mentioned that the period between 5th March and 3rd April shall bring the best and worst (mainly) of current conditions.

The Metal Rat year has turned the water into a violent gush, dealing the world a catratrophic health crisis, panic buying, stockpiling, disrupting lives, isolating communities, roiling stock markets, displacing jobs, grounding planes and putting everyone on an uncertain path never before seen.

As we are only days away from the end of the first quarter of the year, there is much to be concerned about what is to come for the rest of the next nine months.

What led us here and did anyone, including the best of Feng Shui masters see this coming ?

To be fair, some had warned of some viral epidemic the year before, in 2019 when it was still the Year of the Earth Pig. And yes, there were some of us who kept repeating that the Year of the Metal Rat is really unkind to the world economies.

What took all by surprise was the speed of it all, how it spread and the subsequent impact it dealt on world economies that grinds this to what we are all seeing and experiencing today.

While we all try and make sense of what had happened, the more important thing to do is to understand what is to come.

This in itself could be seen evidently in the presence of the Yang Metal in the Year of the Metal Rat. Being seen in the Heavenly Stem, this Yang Metal will exhibit all the qualities associated with it and shall bring about the propensity of the actions to be undertaken when push comes to shove.

How long will it last ? I mentioned during my webinar session for AXA Singapore in January this year that the conditions may stabalise but we are not seeing the end of this pandamic this year.

Yang Metal is the epitome of 'big Metal' - hard, unyielding, commanding, decisive and mostly active. It can be envisioned as authoritative, controlling and of leadership. Governments and central governing representatives such as centrals banks will need to play a part in underwriting some economic numbers.

On account of what took place during the last years of the Rat, the consistency is there for us to see and perhaps the good news is that recoveries were swift and steep.

2008 - 15th September 2008 started the mortgage-linked financial debacle when Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

1996 - By 2nd July of 1997, the Asian Financial crisis crippled Asian economies which started from the devaluation of the Thai Baht.

1984 - End of 1984 saw the slowdown of major economies especially in the US and the saturation of the construction growth that led to Singapore's recession.

1972 - Worldwide oil crisis started in 1973.

If history repeats itself, the Year of the Ox in 2021 is not looking pretty. Things will get rather bad before it gets well.


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