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The Three Killings stars and how you should manage them

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

To understand better the meaning of these three sectors that will be affected with each passing year's energies, let's understand how this is derived.

2020 is the year of the Metal Rat and so, it 'clashes' the Horse directly. Translated into a space, the Rat sector sits between 337.5 degrees and 22.5 degrees on the compass reading which occupies three sectors of 15 degrees each of the North sub-sectors.

Since the Rat sector can be identified as and occupies a sector between 352.5 degrees and 7,5 degrees on the compass, the direct opposite sits the Horse sector.

In the year 2020, the Horse sector of any home and office is thus known as the 'Year Killing' star or the'Annual Killing (SHA)'. This leads to the advice that if your home or office is facing the absolute North (15 degrees left and right of the zero degree reading), you are 'sitting' on the 'Annual Killing' location. If your office and home is facing absolute South (15 degrees left and right of the 180 degrees reading), you are sitting on the 'Grand Duke' or Tai-Sui location.

Both ways, there are things to avoid doing if you wish to alleviate, circumvent and hopefully prevent any negative repercussions.

1. Do not do renovations to the house or office

2. Do not burn things in these two sectors (North and South) such as candles and incense

3. Avoid heavy banging, hammering, drilling and constant shifting around of things

4. Remove all consistently 'live' appliances such as aquariums, routers, audio speakers, radio, electric fans, air purifiers and things that constitute movements, this will include recreational activities such as drumming and piano playing

5. Move out these two sectors if there are consistent high intensity activities such as computer gaming

6. High impact exercises such as treadmill running, bending, excessive stretching and headstands

7. Yoga and meditation, however low intense, are best relocated

Besides the absolute South sector, the 2 sub-sectors in the South, make up the Three Killings of the year.

First comes the Robbery Killing. As the name suggests, activating this, even sub-consciously, can subject residents and occupants to experience financial losses, scams and legal issues such as infringements.

Next comes the Annual Killing which puts up obstacles and health issues along your path during the year. For this matter, the Year Breaker days which are basically Horse days in the Year of the Rat, qualify as those in which major activities are to be avoided.

To complete the full South sector, the Calamity Killing deals with natural incidents and disasters. In a big picture, places that dominates the South in a land mass can be expected to experience natural calamities such as hill slides, earth movements and water accidents.

Simply put, plot your house plan or office layout with the 24 mountains compass, identify the North and South sectors within and observe some house rules as described and stay safe.


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