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There are no Trade Secrets in Feng Shui

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

In our sharing economy today, any Feng Shui practitioner or teacher who espouses the idea of keeping secrets so that he or she could possess the last card must be living in a world of paper filing (no disrespect to some who truly need it still).

Metaphysics evolve with time and the dynamics that goes with it. Everything moves at the speed of technology and one can only adapt, innovate, improve or be left behind.

Teachings, methodologies, thoughts, information and applications must be brought up to date and the way to move forward is to do better than what we are today. Most will be redundant if we do not update and make all these that were left behind by the great teachers and thinkers.

Noteworthy developers and inventors of today's products and services rely on an open mind to understand the validity of his or her own creations. Since there is a run-out date to everything, to think that there are still secrets to protect one's industry, work, business or creativity is a one-way ticket to being obsolete.

Feng Shui has evolved and few of the teachings, if not none, remains relevant if they are not updated to the world we live in today. Just like purists in any discipline, there remain groups who stick to strict observance of practices in a bid to keep traditions alive. While I dread the day when the traditional compass (Lo-pan) may be replaced by Google maps, satellite measurements and Artificial Intelligence, the reality cannot be dismissed as a wild imagination. If this happens and makes our lives better, streamlined and get us results quicker than ever before, changes may just take their course.

If Feng Shui is about aligning our lives to the flow of energies that exist around us, would it be justice enough to inconvenient our daily routines with such applications that do not synchronize with time ? The wisdom of great teachers of Feng Shui have always factored in the time dimension with different spaces.

So, the next time you hear one saying he cannot divulge more information than what is meant to be given, tell him that box files have long been replaced by digitization.


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