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Wealth Activation Dates January - June 2020.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The act of activating the positive energies for a specific sector within a home or an office is to leverage on its own existence at a particular time.

While there are multiple ways of activating positive energies, wealth related activation is centered on the use of water. Active water, to be precise.

In the Year of the Metal Rat, only seven dates are appropriate for this very activation over the first six months.

To enable wealth activation, chose the date as specified. You will need to observe the sector as stated. It is best that this sector is located towards a window opening or a balcony, even a yard. It is equally useful if this sector falls into any part of the living room or dining areas.

To find out where these sectors are located, you could go to the center of your home. Read the direction of the front part of the home, regardless of the door location. Use the 24 Compass tool at under Resource and plot it over your imported floor plan.

Once identified, you will need a container to hold the water to be activated. The easier way is to have an aquarium but this can prove too cumbersome when you need to move it around for the next location.

The solution is to get a stainless steel salad bowl (the type you will easily find in IKEA stores) and a water pump. This is to maintain a steady flow of water which will keep this container of water active. This pump must come with a light which must be immersed into the water together with the pump. Once activated, leave it on for the entire stipulated period. This pump is available at under Shop. This activation can be done by any family member or staff in the office.


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