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Work Space at Home - The New Normal.

The days of your Feng Shui master stepping into your home, identifying your wealth location, advising where your head should point, telling you who sleeps where, unlocking secrets to wealth, matching you to happiness and tilting doors are numbered.

Digital disruption to the way we live, work and play has even pushed the traditional methods of ranking our main entrance, bedroom and the kitchen stove back to one critical area for creating a sustainable future for the family - the Work Area.

As economies transform, individuals will require essential skills to move along with the digital ecosystem. On a broader scale, this transformation will spawn businesses and consumers towards sharing and gig economies.

From temporary contract work to independent professionals, this free market system is driven and empowered by technology, digital platforms and apps. As we know it today, technology will continue to update and upgrade at a speed that most will never be able to catch up. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence will surely impact us not only our habits but our behaviour. Some may treat a gig economy job as the mainstay of work and many more shall use this opportunity to expand their channels of extra income.

Digital solutions such as 5G will accelerate the transfer of information and bring about new ways of trade and service provision, opening up a world of possibilities for people to explore business opporunities from the desk.

This leads us to the significance of paying attention to the place you work at home.

For many of us, the limitations of space lead us to only two options. One is a spare room after all the needs are taken care of. Two is to create a place where it is usually the living room, dining area or the balcony space.

While there are many approaches to locate the best and most productive location in the house, you could at this level, make use of your personal BaZi chart in which you will find your personal palace as well as the favourable directions according to your birth data. However small and humble your Work Space is, let it be the one that is going to propel you to success and a better life for you and your family.

So, the next time you call in your Feng Shui master, consider to place more emphasis on where it is best to locate your Work Area.


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