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Analysis of Children’s BaZi.

It’s the time of the year when children come to a crossroad of choosing their paths towards higher education.

Should I go the junior college, polytechnic or the specialised education route ? Some, whom I know and gave advice to, are going where it is uncharted territory - the sports school.

Friends, peers and most of all, parents, play an important role in the influence over this decision making process which can throw an adolescent into turmoil.

Due, in part to different personalities, some are capable of making a resolute choice but for many, it is more confusion than helpful tips when given unnecessary guidance, with all good intentions.

While parents usually take the stand of ‘I know what is good for you’ position, it may not work to the advantage nor the best interest of the child.

A BaZi analysis will usually offer an unbiased and non-interference answer without vested interests of all parties.

Take a look at your personal chart at and you can see the composition of the elements that give you strength in your pursuits.

Based upon the self element, shaded in the pink coloured box, dominance or strengths of each of these elements and stars will put you on an accelerated path of success.

1. Friends | Rob Wealth - Humanities and Arts

2. Eating God | Hurting Officer - Communications and Languages

3. Direct Wealth | Indirect Wealth -Economics and Business Studies

4. Direct Officer | 7 Killings - Law and Management

5. Direct Resource | Indirect Resource -Life Sciences and Mathematics

They can them be further expounded into other fields and subjects of interests.

Parents should not force upon their children what they themselves want out of their own children. Instead, they should allow their children to voice their opinions about the future they believe is best suited for them.

It wasn’t too long ago when we think of nothing good when our kids were banging away at their desktops on their computer games.

Guess what ? They are the coders and the tech games developer who are leading the world of technology tomorrow. I know of one 28-year-old who created an online game and found a willing buyer in Apple. The price tag ? It was a cool US 3 million.


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