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Inviting the God of Wealth in the Dragon year.

It is said that the God of Wealth blesses you in all his glory on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.

Perhaps the most auspicious time of the year to invite the God of Wealth falls on the turn of the morning on 14th February 2024. In the early morning hours between 1.00am and 2.00am shall be the most optimal window of opportunity to make your wishes for the whole year.

Besides the basic preparations, one could add to the offering table, apples, dried persimmon, dragon fruit and red dates. It will also be nice to add a vase of red or pink lilies and additional goodies such as candies, sweets and peanuts. All these, adding to the homophones of ensuring one prays for a year filled with harmony, good health, success, progress, financial gratifications and happiness. It is also appropriate that one cleans and dresses up in lighter colored attire before the ritual.

This practice of inviting the God of Wealth applies to all around the world and you should observe this in your respective local times. There is no religious attachment and not tied to any one specific faith or belief.


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