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Noblemen - Help as we see It.

There are many things that come in between us and the help that very often separates the line between success and failure in life.

Noblemen or people of help, come in many forms. It is vital that we recognize their existence, as and when they appear in our lives.

The common perception of the Noblemen is taken at face value and perhaps by the very protrayals attached to such people. In life, they can be far from the nice wise old men in suits who is going to hold your hands and whisper words of wisdom into your ears.

Noblemen exist because of the duality of Yin and Yang in life. Why do we need Noblemen ? All because once in awhile, we may not function to our personal optimal levels. How do Noblemen exist ? We must accept the fact that there are always better people

from whom we can learn life's lessons from and are there to teach us to be better people ourselves.

Many of us would have memories of the best our parents offer us, the favourite teachers who made us excel in certain pet subjects in school, the best friends who walked with us in our darkest hours and the bosses who gave us the opportunities to climb the corporate ladder.

And yet, do you realize that some of the best Noblemen are the ones who bring us pain, agony and much more unpleasntries. The best classes of Noblemen are also those who beat us in life, defeated us in competitions, humiliated us in our quests, stole from us, pilfered our ideas and framed us for the initial friendship and sincerity we offered them.

In my course of work, I have seen cases of people who have been battered by the people close to them, betrayed of their trust and lost their fortunes to partners who hijacked the businesses they created.

To start with, how do you know if you have the Noblemen stars in you ?

Plot your BaZi chart on this website under the Resources tab and you will find the BaZi Calculator in which you can key in your personal details. The chart will then generate the details on the left side in which your two personal Noblemen stars will be stated.

If one or both of these stars appear in the Year column your personal chart, the implication is that you are likely to encounter Noblemen from outside of your life. They can appear as a person who is likely to inspire you to your best levels, one whom you will meet once or twice in your lifetime but will make a huge difference to your life or someone who is unrelated to you and may not be staying in the same place from yours.

If one or both of these stars appear in your Month, Day or Hour column, the chances are, you yourself are just as capable to be a Noble person to others from which you can gain and benefit for your efforts.

If these stars appear in your Luck Pillar, that 10-year block will bring you some events that will change the way you progress in life.

As in anything in life, you can choose the way you handle your Noblemen stars.

The best are the ones whom you will label as villians and the bad guys but because you choose to get back on your feet, you become better, stronger and wiser from that experience.

That is the purpose of having Noblemen in our life.


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