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Peach Blossom Star - More to this Romance star.

A client's question prompted this article.

Suzanne is 40 this year, married for 11 years, have a girl aged 8 and a boy aged 3. Suzanne is a media consultant and widely read. Husband, 2 years her senior is a banking professional and all have been well ... until recently. Suzanne started reading about life analysis subjects and amongst her research, the Peach Blossom star(桃花)bothers her because she was told that her husband's BaZi chart has a composition of 38% of such a star and therefore he is, more likely than not, to have extra marital affairs.

I advised Suzanne that it was a sweeping statement on the part of the advice she was given and an absolutely unfair presumption of her husband.

To start with, The Peach Blossom star is a star that attracts interactions and relationships, good and the unfavourable. It is a popularity star but cannot be viewed as a blank cheque that atrracts the opposite sex. Far from it. A person with such energies in them are endowed with good people's skills in areas of communications and decorum and that is exactly what make them so attractive. It would be wrong to assume that a person with an abundance of such a star (say more than 20% in their BaZi charts) that they will go wayward in their liaisons with others. I have often advise clients that everyone needs this star even if one is working with the dead because it promotes congeniality and would certainly make things easier for both sides.

There exists three major categories of the Peach Blossom star and they appear in the annual 'Gods and Killings' (神煞)forecasting methods of advice for the coming year touching on the different zodiac a person is classified under.

First, there is the Hong Luan (红鸾)which ranks hign in purity, sentiments and emotions. Should one be 'visited' by this star during the year, it bodes well for your relationships which will lead to a long term meaningful bond and even a marriage for singles. Like any others, it can also lead to abuse. It can be a flirtatious star of which a person can use it to attract others for inducements of business, deals and an outing for fun.

Next comes the Sky Happiness (天喜), one which gathers people around and calls for every celebration. This is essentially a powerful source of happiness and laughter which attracts other to participate. People who has this or are touched upon by this star are exceptionally articulate and creative in fun and activities. It cuts across all ages, sex and cultures, and is both exuberant and demonstrative.

This brings us to the subject matter and the effervescent Xian-Chi star (咸池)literally translated as the Salty Pool star. This is the one star which is often accused as the culprit that leads others to illicit relationships. Conversely, one cannot assume that whoever is 'struck' by this star will go on a wild sex rampage. A catalyst, an instigation or an influence does not necessarily lead to an intended result or consequence bacause much depends on his or her intention, conditions, ability and motivation for doing so.

Like many other stars, it makes its rounds annually and will touch upon a certain zodiac a person is born with. In 2021 Year of the Yin Metal Ox, this star touches upon those born with the Horse in the year or the day. To see if you are affected, check out your BaZi chart

The legend of the Salty Pool star began with the Queen Mother of the West who travelled on board the chariot riding on purple clouds. A flock of celestial green birds will pave the way and she was served with an entourage of fairies. It was believed that these maidens are the most beautiful female forms and would take their leisurely baths in pools surrounded by mulberry trees. This eventually led to its epitome of all Peach Blossom stars. This star is most active when met with the element water.

The Salty Pool star works its way innocently enough as it meanders with people of similar situations, conditions and intentions. When it strikes someone, it works its way with people familiar to themselves. Much like a spell, it takes time for people to wake up from this fantasy before they sink deeper into troubles. The unfortunate thing is, some are not strong enough to fight its temptations. The forecast of each year is a serving of caution for those affected and one should plan and avoid conditions where such possibilities can take place.

The good news for Suzanne is that most will be able to resist the troubles the Peach Blossom stars bring. It is no one's fault to be attractive in looks or by character. In fact, one should use them to maximum effect for better results in life.


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