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Reading your Personal BaZi in a minute.

Updated: May 26, 2021

Pick up the vital information which professionals advise You with one look.

Have you wondered what 'secrets' your Feng Shui masters say they will need time to 'calculate' in order to advise you what to do with increasing your wealth, find your 'noblemen', position your bed or boost your chances in your career and business ?

Search no further because they can be found in most auto-generated charts like this but never explained what they mean.

1. Key in your date and time of birth according to the Gregorian (western) calendar and you will get your lunar date next to it.

2. Your Personal Palace is calculated based on the Eight Mansions theory and states the location of your home that is best regular in shape and kept clean. In some instances, enhnacing this location can see pretty fast results for one's success at work and business.

3. Your characteristics are clearly tied to this element as represented in your chart. There are ten different Day Masters based on the five elements with a Yin Yang polarity.

4. Noblemen in your chart mean different things. Found in the Year, it can indicate people of help appearing very sparingly to make an impact in your life, you have no control over this circumstance. Found in the Month, depending on your strength of your Day Master, you can either be a Nobleman (help, mentor, teacher, influencer, leader) to others in your profession. Found in the Day, your personal relationships are centered on sharing and open approaches. If they appear in the Hour, chances of you maturing into an advisory and intellectual role is high.

5. Your Intelligence Star found in your chart indicates a boost in learning and abilities to grasp concepts. Not having one does not make you 'less intelligent'.

6. Your Peach Blossom is the Likeability Star. Having one makes social interaction and transition into new territories in life easy.

7. Sky Horse begets actions and movements. If you have one, mobility in your life normally translates into better results. In some instances, having this star in your chart can mean opportunities of a career or business that is international or requires constant travels. In other cases, it can indicate emigration.

8. Having the Solitary Star does not mean one will be lonely in life. This energy is vital for all of us who are living in the fast paced world and our own down-time. This energy offers one to analyse and react rationally to situations and crisis. This star is also useful for those who loves meditation. In some severe cases, this star can indicate an inclination of someone seeking refuge in religious paths through some inspirations.

9. Your Main Profile explains how your operate, your instincts, reaction and readiness towards life. This star has a great influence over the personal strength of yoru Day Master and determines the best management of the rest of the influence of the other elements in your chart.

10. Emptiness in your chart has a diminishing effect over the overall results of certain elements. It reduces the values of good outcomes but also diminishes the negative impact of other elements should that same elements prove unfavourable in the first place.

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