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The Dragon has descended.

4th February 2024 at 4.29pm.

Special in many ways. The Year of the Wood Dragon has several significant characteristics that will impact many.

The Dragon year arrives this afternoon before the celebrations of the Chinese New Year begins on the 10th February 2024.

Based on the solar term calendar which is used to accurately mark the various phases of transforming seasons throughout the year, today, 4th February 2024 at 4.29pm marks the Arrival of Spring, known as Li-Chun(立春) in mandarin.

When 10th February arrives, we will be celebrating the biggest event in the Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year. This day is based on the first day of the Lunar Calendar(正月初一)and would have left the Li-Chun out of the year.

This traditionally and culturally labels the Year of the Wood Dragon as 'a year without Spring'. The quick conclusion will be that 'a year without Spring' shall be one without the auspicious energies that the first Spring brings along. Thus, 'a year without Spring' is considered inauspicious in several ways and focuses on especially, the subject of marriage.

The superstition stuck and soon 'a year without Spring' turns into the inafamous 'Year of the Widow', a description that states that a woman who gets married suring such a year will experience a higher chance of losing her husband.

It is belived that the got its name from the misinformation surroundin the original name of 'a year without Spring' (寡年)was conveniently called the 'Widow year' (寡妇年).

Till this day, the chatter on social media continues and although this belief has been debunked as superstition, it still spook out some would-be couples.

2024 is the turn into the next twenty year of the element Fire known as the Period 9 cycle. This is closely associated with optimism, vitality and hopes. The rise of technological advances, artificial intelligence, medical breakthroughs, alternative energy, mental wellness, security and many new age inventions shall transform the way we live and move forward into an era, more effective and enjoyable for all to benefit.

The Year of the Wood Dragon also puts the spotlight on the wave of a new generation, their inclinations, the behaviourial science, thoughts and intent.

Gen Z belongs to those who are between 12 and 25. In the next twenty years, they shall form and shape the way we live because they will be the major movers and shakers. As a generation brought up in a world of technological advances, this generation will bring us up to a level unknown as it unfolds. Gen Z is smart, fast, effective and effervescent in all they do. Thier attitude shift belongs to the idea of transient ownership and mobility, influenced largely by IOT (internet of things).

More than 64 countries around the world shall be given the chance to elect their governments and this makes up 49% of the world's population with the free will to vote.

Change will come and as we welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon, we need to understand where the world is heading and this in turn, will prepare us for a better future.


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