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In their traditional formats, the ten gods are representatives of what matter to us in life, on account of the stars or energies that are expressed in our charts.

Are you a conservative person ? Do you possess the gift of speech ? How rich am I likely to become ? Will I marry well ? Am I suitable to run my own business ? What sort of health threats are there in my life ? Can I command respect from others ? Is it a better choice if I continue to work in the corporate world ? These are some of the common questions that will confront you at some point in time and it is human nature to want to have answers so that a good decision can be made for the best possible outcome.

All around us, we see the other person as one who seems to have it all in life to make it even more successful. Maggie seems to have the parental support, John is ever so popular, Kenny looks rich and travels around the world ever so often, Steph just got the determination and discipline good enough to run an army.

The consolation is - far and few in bteween, if not none, have it all.

Therein lies the value of understanding what you have and what you lack, strategise, plan, act, review and make life work the way you want it.

From your personal BaZi chart, you will discover that there are a combination of the ten gods indicated against the elements in the heavenly and the hidden stems. Note that there is a systematic allotment of the ten gods in your personal chart that is symbiotic with each of the five elements and polarised between Yin and Yang.

Dependent on the Day Master which is highlighted in pink in your chart, the element that supports your element is called the Resource Star, further differentiated between Direct Resource (DR) and Indirect Resource (IR).

The element that your Day Master sees as their own, for example if your Day Master is Yang Earth(戊)and somewhere there exists another of the same character, you get a Friend Star (FR). Should you see a Yin Earth(己), you see a Rob Wealth (RW) in your life.

At this point, do not imagine or judge that one of the Ten Gods is 'better' than the other, just by its namsake. A Friend Star surely sounds gentler than the Rob Wealth Star.

However, while there are traditional ground rules of 'qualifying' each of the Ten Gods, the evolution of time and the dynamcis of society have drastically changed the way these stars are viewed upon, utilised, managed and leveraged on.

The Rob Wealth Star, for one, speaks volumes of a person's opportunities to master it, of the massive followings and trust placed upon one who has it.

The element produced by the Day Master are known as the Output Stars, namely Eating God (EG) and the Hurting Officer (HO), key qualities of an individual's ability to turn out results and creativity that lead to benefits, financial or otherwise.

Then comes the coveted Direct Wealth (DW) and Indirect Wealth (IW) and before you jump into quick conclusion, having them in your chart does not automatically mean you will be rich without doing anything. Most times, having too much Wealth Stars means you are perpetually busy. If uncontrolled, you become busy for nothing.

With wealth comes power, authority and control. In this system, they are labelled as Direct Officer (DO), one which instils systems and discipline and on the other end, the Seven Killings Star (7K), one which no action superstars can do without because it spurs competitiveness and the need to excel and show.

And there you have it, a summary of the Ten Gods in your chart. Find out what you have on the website and find the BaZi Calculator under the Resource button.

In the next few posts, I will delve into the details of each of the ten and explore the possibilities each offers you on your path to success.

What makes the people who are hugely successful the way they are today ? More than the luck or some extraordinary powers they possess, the commen thread was - they maximised and execute their plans according to their individual strengths endowed upon them in their own charts. So can you. Tell me what you have and post a comment so I can answer for all to discover and share.


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