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Time is your most precious Resource

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

In the system of Destiny Analysis, better known as BaZi (八字), the breakdown of the five elements are further expounded into relevant aspects of our daily lives. Within your own personal chart, the element that supports your personal element found in the Day stem (called the Day Master) becomes your Resource star.

The Resource star is the provider for our abilities and motivation to process and create things, conditions and situations which will eventually benefit ourselves and the people surrounding us.

Resources include capitals which are renewable, expandable and for some, can be created.

There are Natural Capital (flow of energies that produces results), Human Capital (our personal health, skills, knowledge and motivation), Social Capital (human chains, communities, family etc), Creative Capital (our tools and assets) and Financial Capital (cash and liquidity).

This leads many to put Financial Capital as the leader as our condition for success.

While all five play major roles in the way we pursue our goals, one resource stands out as the most precious. Often monetized in opportunity costs, Time belongs to the Natural Capital money can't buy.

Not all time are equal. And that has to do with the value attached to it by individual priorities and needs which can change from time to time.

If you convert your time into profitable work, you make money. There are those who spend time building relationships which will result in personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Do you spend time creatively and working for yourself ? Than you are investing time for an exchange of freedom. Some will happily trade time to contribute to the happiness and enjoyment of others, yielding themselves a sense of sharing.

Time is therefore an important resource that one must maximize and protect.

In the system of BaZi, there is Direct Resource | DR (正印)and Indirect Resource | IR (偏印). Time comes under the Direct Resource category because everyone is given the same amount, not negotiable and functions according to one's disposal.

If one does not see the Direct Resource element in his or her chart, time management is of concern and urgency. You can either discipline and manage your time for better results or choose to waste time on unproductive habits.

As equal as everyone is to time, we must respect and return the respect of others' time. Should you find that your Direct Resource star is missing or being clashed, one can be guilty of wasting time on unnecessary tasks or worse, fall victim to a Thief of Time. This is the one you should avoid or if you can't, manage their own poor time management. Sometimes, one can even turn to become a Thief of Time unconsciously due to their bad habits of doing things last minute and trying to squeeze the maximum out of their own time at the expense of others.

Respect and manage your own time and that of others. Turn it into useful activities, meaningful exchanges and something to treasure.


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