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Understanding your BaZi Chart.

There is much information to be derived after you plot your personal BaZi chart.

Just as all things technical, one must approach this in a systematic flow of understanding.

First amongst all, we must realize that the 12 zodiac signs represented in the BaZi chart are only time markers. They do not represent any characteristics of a person's personality. That means that those born in the Year of the Pig are no less regal than those born in Dragon years. The zodiac signs in the chart, conversely in any Chinese calendar system, merely mark the year, month, day and hour a person is born.

It has been generalised to take the year of birth to represent our character traits but soon enough, you will find that it does not match everyone who are born in that same year. To create a better picture of what a person may show as a character, we will include the month that he/she was born. By considering say, only January born babies of 1972, will move us 92.3% closer to a person's real character. We eventually will land at the Day pillar, shown in the stem as highlighted in pink of your chart.

More often than not, a person will display the characteristics of one of the ten Day masters which are classified under one of the five elements, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and defined by the Yin or Yang polarity. There exists, of course, the positive as well as the negative traits. You have a choice. Some may be conscious but it is always the unconscious, like times of crisis and difficulties, that will bring about the real character of anyone.

At this level, you will also learn that the different pillars of the year, month, day and hour can represent different aspects of your life when it comes to a detailed analysis by a qualified consultant.

Everything about the year tells us of your social presence, your interaction with things external, like a policy or a person who you may just meet once in a lifetime, but nevertheless changes your life, for better or for worse. It also deals with your appearance, network and distant connections.

The month tells us about your work, career or business. It shows your attitude towards work because it shows your main profile, the way you operate and how you conduct your daily life.

The day itself is an interesting standalone pillar that says all about your spouse and your personal capacity. Do you have a tendency to want to control your spouse ? Are you the submissive husband ? Or do you act according to circumstances that focus on peace in the family ? This can be a telling information that you may not even know yourself.

BaZi analysis becomes a self-discovery journey. You will know more critically about yourself and with such wisdom, we hope you will conduct yourself in ways that will bring about better benefits to your life.

In the hour pillar, we look at your aspirations and what you'd like to create in your memory. How do you want to be best remembered for ? Will you leave a legacy or an inheritance for your favourite charity ?

The BaZi analysis is best conducted live, in person, because it is where information will flow according to your personal concerns and questions. Send me a WhatsApp message at +65 9018-1908 or drop me an email at and I will answer your queries and bookings for an appointment.


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